Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fman is back?!

EDIT: Click to watch a video about this.
 Hey jammers, Lexey here with some news. Today I was looking in my Gmail and found this

I then got a message from my other buddy saying this:

After lots of effort I got on AJ to see what was going on. Here is the pictures I took:

What do you think about this? Say in the comments!



  1. Wootmoo got hacked look on all things animal jam

  2. You do know that Animal Jam restarts every night at Midnight Mountain Standard Time, right?

    1. Really I did not know that

    2. I bet the hundreds of people going crazy didn't know that either.

  3. Hi Lexey! If You Haven't Saw Kaitlyns Post Its Kinda Related To Yours, I Think Fman122 And WretchedJungle Are Making A Hacking Team.WretchedJungle Was Banned Recently And He Looks Like Some Creepy Pasta Guy And Sort Of Like Fman122 If You Go On Youtube Search Up Sparklywolf AJ And She Will Have A Video That Says Animal jam is being hacked again And If You Look At The Comments I Found This Comment. His Channel Is Wretched Desease And Here Is What He Said
    'Your'e next... All the famous people in Animal Jam are going down the line...'
    MY LIST:
    Kosho AKA Bepper(CHECK
    When I Saw This Comment I Felt Like I Was Being Threatened It Seemed Scary To Me

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