Friday, February 27, 2015

Possible Hacker

I was searching Google Images about the beta days and I found this picture:

Yeah it's just a normal beta picture about guides but look at this video! Click here! It's about a person giving people free gems and it was just last month. Could this be a possible guide or hacker? I think it might be a hacker but then again I'm not sure. What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

Scamming is starting to get really out of control

Hey everyone it is agent Kaitlyn here and today I am going to be talking to you about how out of control scamming in animal jam has gotten. If you have noticed lately almost anywhere you go in animal jam you will see someone scamming other jammers. Now I don't know why scamming is such a bad problem in animal jam because animal jam is supposed to be a kids game not a stealing game so why does AJHQ allow all of this? Why have they not gotten rid of scamming well you see if they were to get rid of scamming they would have to get rid of trading and sending gifts which would ruin the fun for the people who don't scam. Sadly there is not much animal jam can do but kick the people who scam off of animal jam or suspend them depending on how bad the situation.

Scamming has been a problem in Jamaa for a long time and it is getting worse every day with new teams made just for scamming, new methods that work really well and take away innocent kid's stuff that did not deserve to be scammed, and so many more things that make scamming bad. Now here is how we can help with this problem we can contact animal jam and they can take more control but a bad thing that might happen is that they could in the worst scenario take away the trade system or make it more strict and they could get rid of gifting which would make animal jam less fun.

Another thing we could possibly do is work together and report anything that looks like scamming. There are so many things we could do but it is going to be hard and it is going to take time to get rid of this problem but I think that if we all work together as jammers and put our heads together we can put an end to this terrible problem in animal jam and restore the game to being a fun safe game for kids to play.
Image result for animal jam scamming
Image result for animal jam scamming
Image result for animal jam scammingImage result for be a jammer not a scammer

The "new jammer" scam

Hey Jammers it's agent Kaitlyn and today I will be talking about the "new jammer" scam. If you are not familiar with this scam then keep reading.

This scam is used and works. So here is how it goes. People who already have an animal jam account make another account so it says NEW JAMMER so people think that they are new to animal jam. The next part is where they say "gift me stuff I am a new to animal jam. Then after they get stuff they trade it to their old account. That is how the new jammer scam work if you have any questions please comment them I will try to answer them.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A faster way to report scammers that will work better

Hello everyone it is agent Kaitlyn here and I have a new idea that might help us get rid of a lot of scammers. Ok so my idea is that you can email animal jam about a really bad scammer that is scamming many people I have found in past experiences that this method works really well and helps catch the scammer faster than reporting them plus it can help animal jam be aware of how people are scamming now and help stop them.

To do this you must take a screen shot of the scammer/scammers so they can see what they are saying. Then email it to ajhq and make sure to include pictures of the usernames or write them down this may be a faster way to stop them I don't know if you think this is a good idea then try it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Follow group idea

Hey everyone it is agent Kaitlyn here and I have news for you have you noticed now that with scamming its not only one person but many people working together. I think that maybe they are a group like us so to do further investigations I think that we should follow those groups around and see what they are really up to. We need to stop these groups of scammers because they are scamming people twice as fast as the old way. Our team should take notice of these groups if you see one then follow their group and pretend to be one of them but don't say anything you might get caught just silently follow them.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 jamming scammers

Hey jammers!
Today i got 5 scammers in julian2's den so im quickly gonna post them here!

Thats all! Chao jammers! Authors haven't been posting lately. 
Even after i sent the email!
- violet

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I found this scammer doing the trade me for my outfit scam.

Nobody should trust scams like this. How do they know if they will get the outfit in return? That's all for now! Be a jammer not a scammer!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hey jammers! Lexey here with another post. My friend and I were looking for scammers at Julian2's den and she spotted this scammer. When I said it was a scam he left. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scammer: Chillywilly

Hey jammers! Today I am in the mood to catch scammers so don't be surprised if there is a lot of scammer posts! So here is today's scammer! Chilly willy!
Chilly willy is very fun to say. Chilly willy was caught doing the trust trade. Bad chilly willy she should know better! 
Here she is doing the trust trade. I wonder what 54 means? Do you guys know?

For agents: I will be sending a note to all agents today. So if you get a note it's nothing bad im just giving you some things to work on..
That's all for now! ️Chao!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Animal Jam Being Hacked!?!?

Hello This Is Agent Peace Here!
Weird Things Are Happening In Jamaa....
When Animal Jam Was Offline
Nobody Was Really On Animal Jam
When Animal Jam Came Back Online
Weird Things Started To Happen....
The Summer Carnival Is Back And Its Not Even Summer!
The New Year's Party Is Back And Its Not January!
The Friendship Party Was Not On The Parties List

Real proof


New way of scamming that has been discovered.

  Hey everyone agent Kaitlyn here and I have a story to tell you. One day I was sitting in coral canyons minding my own business when all of a sudden a group of members came. They were wearing nothing and their fur was white. They were all laying on the ground and they all said the same thing. Here is what they said. "A scammer took all of my items plz send me some stuff." So I went to investigate as any curious jammer would do I clicked on one of their names and looked at their trade list and the who list was rare spikes! I thought what is going on. I checked all of them and they all had rares and betas. So if you see anyone that says that report them they do that to get rares.


Hey jammers its Agent Kaitlyn. The image you see above is a very bad hacker on animal jam. His name is fman he has many accounts across jamaa. I have met him a few times he hacked my friends. What he does is he sends you a jam-a-gram inside of it is a necklace. whatever you do don't open it. Doing so will result in your game glitching and then you loose all of your stuff. He mostly attacks members occasionally he will strike on a non member. To avoid being hacked by him do the following. If you see a wolf that looks like him make sure it is really him many people try to do trolls pretending to be him. If it really is him do this. REPORT, BLOCK, AND LOCK. Which means report him a few times. Block him. And go to your locked den. Don't try to mess with him that is how many jammers get hacked. Just leave him alone and let AJHQ deal with him he is more powerful then you think.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New agents!

Please give a warm welcome to the new agents!
Agent Peace 
Agent Kaitlyn
Hope you guys enjoy being an agent for this blog!
- violet

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