Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nevertrustme and Nerdpelt

   Again, I will make taking pictures of scams an everyday life thing! Anyway this scammer was pretty clever being a New Jammer but I knew just the glitch!

He was doing a fake giveaway of a red rare spike and then ran away and went offline. Then, I noticed something, Nerdpelt was saying I got It I got the spike! Before that, I looked on his trade, he had two spikes on trade and four founders. Put it on trade someone said, he said it was. It was the same two spikes I saw! They were working together and I had a feeling they got away with it!
           - Rain


This scammer was doing another trust trade. It was too obvious she was scamming!
Wow, you can never give away your animal on aj! Just wow!

       - Rain


   This scammer was doing a trust trade. I just watched the fun while an eagle stopped her for scamming, telling her that she's going to tell AJHQ!
 And of course the scammer popped!

Sorry that I didn't have a picture of her doing to scam, she left right when I was about to. :( 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wootmoo is a hacker

Hey jammers!
I went to follow my friend who was in wootmoo's den and when I arrived I thought his den looked super suspicious so I decided to post here!
Look at all these betas! Theres giant painted pots, zios sculptures, 1 tv and pots of gems! But look how many there are and thats just one picture.

Here you see open signs, race cars, mira statues, gum ball machines and other betas

Here there are many fire pits, sewing machines and a swing with a cam is frog on it!
I never knew wootmoo was a hacker but now what can I say?
This is all the items hes hacked and cloned theres so many! We have to do something about this and hackers!

Well remember to comment what you think?

Friday, September 19, 2014

The maker of animal jam

Hey jammers!

I was in jamaa when I noticed this jammer! She was doing a trust the trust scam I think! And she only had one item on trade!

Here she is doing the trust trading scam! Looks like she hasn't gotten that far someone called her weird!

This was her trade just a necklace you can tell if a jammer is a scammer by if they only have a necklace on trade!

And in conclusion this is what I found of a scammer remember to report this jammer

PS: Authors please post 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Changing blog name

Hey jammers! So sorry for not posting! I wish the other authors would post remember to sign up!
Do you think I should change the title so it's a bit different like Jamaa's Scacker catchers destination or something different please share your thoughts! 

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