Tuesday, August 30, 2016


hi agent tartar here i found a scammer and her user was littlegirly27 she actually tried to scam me she came to my den and said trade me your pet squirrels i had 3 so i said only 2 but then she said plz i wont scam so i reported her remember dont fall for her trick p.s she actually scammed me i got very sad after so agent tartar out.

 affected:1 not any more

Friday, August 19, 2016

Thank you so much!

Hey jammers!
I am so sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been quite busy and when you a main blog to post on you don't feel like doing 2 posts a day. I just wanted to say thank you to all the agents who take time to post scammers and helping to make sure every scammer gets caught! Thanks so much guys! But please remember to follow the posting rules. Any not related aj posts will be deleted.
We have also reached over 10 000 pageviews!
Thanks again! I will try to post more scammers but for now...

Monday, August 15, 2016

My schedule got tight :(

man it is getting hard to catch scackers these days

I  start parkour next week and school tomorrow :(  i will try to be on aj as best i can
because my mom schedules alot of things i should convince her to stop scheduling

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What is and Isn't a Scam?

Hey guys! It's Agent Ladybug here. I have been thinking about this a lot. 
What isn't considered a scam in Animal Jam?
I have a few examples of things people do that can be mistaken as a scam, but isn't.
So, let's talk about them!

Now, there isn't an official definition on what scamming is in Animal Jam, but it's basically "Tricking people into giving you items by making them believe they will get free items". Some people say that falling for an obvious one isn't, but I would beg to differ, considering how gullible some people in the community are. (I'm not saying everyone is, but everyone can agree that there are a select few who seem to get scammed every other day.) Now that we know what a scam is, let's go into what isn't.

This one's a classic. Everyone has seen someone say "Trade me I'm poor", "Plz gift me unwanted", "Plz trade me I'm new", and so on, and so forth. This is usually considered begging, however, there is an exception to this.
If someone says that they are poor, or new, and they aren't, then it can be considered a scam.
Once, I saw someone that said to give them rares because they didn't have one.
I checked the 'animals' tab on their card, and they had an arctic wolf that had a purple short wrist, a purple rare bow and arrows, and a flower crown on. THAT can be considered a scam. Same with the 'I got scammed' or "I got hacked' people.

This isn't a very widely used term, but I've had it happen to me once.
Once, I was asking for attempts for some spaceship walls I got. Someone traded me a pink long. Back then, I used a blog that was over 5 years old for my item values, so I thought it was fair, and I accepted. This was back when the 'two step' trading system was still pretty new, so they declined and started calling me a scammer.
If you trade someone an overtrade, and they accept, it's not a scam.
Again, someone who scams tries to trick you into giving items by promising for a free item in return. That wasn't me tricking him into giving me a free item. that was him tricking me into trying to accept an overtrade and then getting mad about it. It's not a scam. It's just accepting an overtrade, like most of the community would do.

"Trade me, I don't accept!"
You probably had heard of this. THAT is a scam.
However, if you ask for someone to accept an offer for an item, and they refuse to accept the trade, it's not. Especially if the trade is unfair.
Somewhere in the rules of Animal Jam, it specifically states that you 'should never feel bad about keeping your items'. If someone says they are going to report you for not accepting a trade, then just disregard them, and block them. 
(Also, it says so right here: Click here : You should give this a read)

This should be a no-brainer, but it's not. I've heard people call getting hacked getting scammed. It's really not.

Ah, trolling. One of the most common things giveaways are, being tied with scams. Trolling, while being a jerk move, is not scamming. No items are taken if it's trolling. If items are, then it's scamming.


There is always a bit of controversy about what is a scam as well.

Even if someone failed at scamming, it is still a scam. If their intention was to take your items, then it is a scam.

Now, this is a tricky subject. If you get scammed, but the scammer gives the item back, it's still a scam. 
However, the scammer should be let off the hook until they scam again, if they do at all.
Also, if they were just pretending for a troll, it's not a scam, but you should definitely keep a close eye on them.
BUT, if they were doing it for a video, then it would most likely be seen as an attempted scam.
I once had someone scam me, give me my items back, and say that they were doing it to show the dangers of scamming.
If you really want to show the dangers, then show proof of an actual scammer, or just lecture people about it. 

This is the main topic of this section. If you are promised a membership, real money, real items, or anything else in return for in-game items, it is a scam, and it is against the Animal Jam rules even if it isn't.
All "Real items" Include anything that isn't exclusively in Animal Jam, even if it is a code, a bought toy item (not including the code items in the game itself), or online currency, especially if it's for a different website than AJ itself. (For instance, The points on Deviantart)
If they don't give you the Real Items, it's a scam, and if they do, it's still against the rules. To further worsen things, if you actually want to go through with getting real items for AJ stuff, you might get in trouble along with the seller. It's not worth it.


Let's talk about hacking now.
Hacking is very controversial, but it is usually defined similarly to "An incident where someone gets into someone's account and steals their items by using a password leak, a site or program, or just figuring out the password". Some people consider very odd things to be hacking incidents.

This is an odd one, but let me explain.
This is talking about if your looks are changed, your dens are changed, your pets or animals are deleted, your chatting abilities are changed (If someone changes you from free chat to restricted chat) or if your account is used by someone else, WITHOUT THEM TAKING ANY ITEMS.
If someone does any of these, and they didn't take or change one item, then it is not an incident of hacking. In other words, if your inventory is left untouched, without anything traded, gifted, or stolen away, then you are fine. However, you should still change your password, especially if you don't know who did it. It might lead to your items getting hacked later. If someone changes your chat settings, then change the password to your parent account. If someone has your email, then they can access every account on it, they can change the passwords, they can see your billing, login, and discipline histories, they can change your language, and, the worst, they can disable gifting, trading, your jammer wall privileges, and they can disable your accounts (making them unable to be accessed unless you turn it on again), they can reset your password, and they can also change your parent email so they are in full control.

If someone tried to get into your account, but failed, it's not a hacking either. You should change your password, but it isn't much to worry about. If the security question pops up, I still wouldn't worry about it too much, because AJ randomly asks you a security question sometimes. 

This is a very controversial one. If someone goes into your account and only recycles or steals unrare items (items that are bought from stores) It's not a hacking. However, if this does happen, and I cannot stress this enough, Change your password immediately.  This means someone has full control of your account, and might hack it. It is dangerous to leave your account alone if this happens.

This might be the most controversial topic when it comes to hacking. If you gave someone your password, in most cases, it is not hacking. Even if it is your best friend, you should never give your password to someone else, and be very careful about it. I have a friend who always made Animal Jam accounts at my house, since she didn't have a laptop at the time, and she would always write her password on sticky notes. I have found every one of them, and I threw them away, but now I know her passwords since her passwords were so easy to remember.
The point is, you should always hide your passwords when you make them, and only tell a trusted adult about them, if you tell anyone at all. You should also make your passwords hard to guess, and use a different password for every account.
Again, never think you are hacked if you tell people the password. That's just called trusting people too easily.
But, when someone promises you an item in return for your password, then it can be considered hacking, as well as possibly scamming. However, you should know better than to fall for these.

Why would you get someone in trouble for being nice? If someone finds out your password, gets in your account, and gives you a free item or free gems, it's not a hacking. However, you should change your password, since it might be a hacker trying to give you a false sense of security, or your password might have been leaked, and someone who was nice saw it.


Hacking is also a bit controversial in this field.

in most cases, this isn't a hacking, however, in Animal Jam, I would say it is. Being hacked like this is still having your items taken away without your consent, so I would say so.

You should never use the same password for every account. If you do, you might get hacked on one, then get hacked on your others. While this is partly the account owner's fault, I would still call it a hacking. 

For no reason, it seems people don't think this is hacking.
If someone finds out your password, and leaks it to the internet, then yes, it is hacking.
If someone uses a program or a site to decode your password, it is hacking.
While both of these events are rare, it is a definite possibility that it could happen. As I type this, it could happen in 2 hours and no one would know until the hacker released the leak or program.

Blackmail. Cruel, cruel blackmail. 
If no one knows, bullying someone into telling them your password is blackmail, or "when someone says that they will release private information if you don't comply with their demands." In the real world, it's illegal, in Animal Jam, it's against the rules. If someone tells you to give them your password in return for not spilling information, tell Animal Jam, even if they say not to. Most people who do this are little kids who just want to scare you and usually don't have the information. 

That concludes this important post! Remember, if you don't want to get scammed or hacked, you can click the "About scamming" and the "About hacking" tabs that are on this very blog, or you can click these useful links to the official AJ team telling you about it!

Remember to read the rules! Happy Jamming, and stay safe!

-Agent Ladybug (Who just had to tell someone that nothing in my den was for sale nearly five times)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Scammer: Marzel26

Hey jammers!! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught doing the 'impersonation' and the 'Gift me ___ and I'll gift you ___" Scams. This one was saying that they would gift a spike to whoever gifts them a neon bow. 

I asked them if they could have the decency to show us the spike, but they kept saying to give them the neon bow first. I refused, not just because it was a scam, but also because I don't even have a neon bow. We bickered for a solid 5 minutes about this until she said she was famous.
Ooh boy...
AJ didn't let me send her anymore jam-a-grams, so I went to her den to talk to her there. I asked her what her username was, and after lecturing her on how to get past the restricted chat, she said "Rosepetal21 AJ", which is an actual YouTube channel. I will talk about that later.
I started to tell her that fame didn't make scamming any less okay, and then she started saying that she had a spike, so she wasn't lying.
Okay... Everyone in this blog is a scammer.
I hAvE SpikEs, SO ItS TRuE!
(If you took that seriously.... Dear Gosh...)
I told her rarity didn't change a singular thing either, when she started to laugh via emote and eventually lock me out.

Now, about Rosepetal21 AJ...
This was an impersonator. 
If you watch a few of Rose's videos, you can very easily tell that this is not the same account.
Not only does this have a different username, but it is also a member, while Rose was a non-member in her most recent videos. If she did change her username, or even if she made another account, why would she tell me what her channel was if she didn't want to get reported? It seems like a complete contradiction. I wouldn't say that it is Rose, so please tell her that she's being impersonated.
You could also check out her videos... But that's your choice... *hint hint*
(also, notice how it doesn't have the numbers. There wasn't any other good result, so...)

Anyways. Report them for scamming!!
Here's the video if you want to watch it. (length= 11 min 8 sec.)

Happy jamming!

Unknown (Most likely none)

-Agent Ladybug (who is extremely happy that the weekend is here.)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Scammer: 87666

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! I found a scammer doing the giveaway and trust trade scams.

Well, I went to their den, and they said to trade them our best items. I actually traded the blue long and a newly-obtained pink short collar, and they declined. I was surprised at this moment. Then one of the other wolves there got the items.
I was skeptical that this one was their main, because the winner had about 3 or 4 pages of achievements (At least, maybe even more) and 87666 only had 6 achievements. There was a second round where we would win two pigtails and a gray worn. I traded them, no lie, every single one of my spikes.
They tried to accept.
I VERY quickly declined. I think I actually broke the sound barrier. I told the other two people there and they also said that 87666 tried to accept.
We called him out, and they said we had to accept.
I started questioning them about their lack of achievements and how they got items that I don't even have at 20 pages. I swear, they were so bad at avoiding questions.
"Why do you not have a lot of achievements then?" (asked after they said they've been playing for a year)
"Why not?"
I... What??? 
I told the other people that I was recording, and they started to record too.
I asked them a simple question: To bring their main account in. They mentioned it several times.
He said that he forgot the password.
Then, 87666 basically admitted to scamming after saying "Okay, I know you aren't recording"
they started bringing in more potential backups, and we started bugging them about bringing in the membership account or sending us the items. I actually managed to get the others into letting me win, then I would give the items to them later. That's some serious trust right there. I really would have, but they locked their den!
I happened to get a video of this scam! 
Now, I have a free trial of a good editing software, so I managed to edit in music!
However, the video is 25 minutes and 39 seconds long.
I am going to edit it once it uploads. It might take a really long time.
(I got it)


-Agent Ladybug (who really doesn't want to go to school tomorrow.)

Scammer: Glitchedselfiecakes

Hey! It's Agent Laudable Ladybug here with a scammer I caught on my storage account, hence me accidentally typing in laudable when I first started this post.
They were saying that the best trade they accepted won a glitched ring.

I honestly have never seen someone try to scam with this method with a rare before.
I thought it might be a bit legit, but then this happened.

These were the rarest items on my storage account.
I of course declined the trade, but I lost them afterwards and couldn't find them.
Report them for scamming!


-Agent Ladybug (Who was woken up at 9 in the morning by my doggo. I'm so tired)

Friday, August 5, 2016

scammer: kerynsleep5

hi jammers its agent tartar here and today i found a scammer she said gift me and win my long black spike so of course i reported her for scamming everyone report this person for scamming;i did some research and there was no success so safe jamming.
jammers harmed uknown.

Hackers: Instagram Edition

Hey jammers! It's Agent Ladybug here!
Now, this isn't catching a specific username, but it is instead focusing on certain Instagram accounts that claim to give free diamonds, gems, items, etc.
Let me tell you now:
There is NO way to get free diamonds, unless you win them in the daily spin or the Tuesday free one.
There is NO way to get free gems unless you play a bunch of games, recycle items, win them in the daily spin, or get them in adventures.
And free items are just silly. There is a very rare chance that it is actually a real one, but it is not worth it.
What they do is ask you for your username and password and then hack you, or, in some extreme cases, CAN GIVE YOU A VIRUS JUST BY CLICKING THE LINK. It's NOT worth being curious! 
NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER click on these. You WILL get hacked!
What I'm going to show you is what I can find in Instagram. I bet that there are accounts in other social medias, but I have seen more in Instagram.

First off...




Fifth...ly... umm... Fifth...



And that's all! Remember to NEVER fall for these, no matter WHO they are.
(I will be adding more if some happen to follow me. I own an Animal Jam themed Instagram account, so they like to follow me a LOT.)


Happy Jamming!

-Agent Ladybug (who loves the new adventures so much.)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Scammer: holographicsparkles and reagpop (Maybe)

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug back with a brand new scammer! This one was trying the "giveaway", "trust trade", and "other accounts" Scams.

Once we went there, she started saying that she would give away the wrist first. She said that she would accept people's trades and then trade it back.
Almost no one was actually trading her except reagpop.

She was winning, and I was trying to get Holo to try to accept my blue long collar (I got that after the whole false accusation thing, don't worry, ha!) but she kept declining. She said reag was winning, who had traded a lion's mane (which aren't even rare to me, I live about 20 minutes away from a Walmart so it's easy to get one). I'm also pretty sure they are less rare than blue longs in any case, so I called her out, but she said I declined.
We started to think Reag was her other account. We told them to move at the same time, and they actually did it.
A REALLY long time ago, I used my main account and a storage to do a test to see if people would see that we were the same person. (IDK why, I just wanted to) We played games, and I always managed to move around at the same time... Because I was using two different computers with two different mouses.
I was still skeptical, and the lion was close to winning the orange long, when I had the angelic idea of checking Holo's achievements.
She had a mere one and a half pages of achievements.
Being that new while being that rare was nearly unheard of unless they got them from another one of their accounts.
When I had that many achievements, the rarest item I had was a pink striped couch (before non members could change the color of items).
So I called her out.
Everyone started saying she was a scammer, and she locked us out.
EVERYONE... except reagpop.
Case closed.
I got a video of this scam too! Except this video is 17 minutes of silence... Again, put in your own music!
I'd highly suggest watching this. I nearly died because I was so proud of thinking about the achievements. It really is worth the watch.

(I currently use Windows Movie maker to edit these. If anyone has a free, easy to use editing tool without a watermark, tell me please!)

Now, here is the thing.
Reagpop might have been the only one trusting Holo, might have not been locked out, and might have won all the items.
That doesn't mean she is actually Holo.
That might be the most likely explanation, but It certainly isn't 100% certain.
What is certain is that Holo is a secondary account and most likely belongs to reag.
It's not completely true.


-Agent Ladybug (who is in desperate need of sleep.)

Scammer: Confident3359

Hey guys! It's Agent Ladybug here! I was trying the new adventure system (It's wonderful, btw) when this scammer came along. They were saying that they would gift their spike to anyone who sent them the best gift. Classic.

-Random person i accidentally screenshotted 2016)

They left afterwards. 
I don't know if they got any gifts.
Report them for scamming!


-Agent Ladybug (Who hates school.)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Important Announcement Regarding Scammers

Yo! It's Agent Ladybug here.
Listen, I don't have a scammer for you today, but I have to address something.
I was trying to catch a scammer today (they ended up being a troll, no items were scammed, no worries!!), but one of the people there went to my den and started saying the troller scammed a blue long.
I asked the troller about it, and they provided actual proof that it was a lie.
Okay, alright....
The person who accused the troller of scamming then went into my den, said that I was the troller's other account, and to give the blue long back.
I have never had any blue spikes at all. (except for a short wrist, but that barely counts, ha.)
I have been falsely accused of being scammed once before, but I need to talk about it now.

If you pretend to be scammed for sympathy, attention, or free items, please stop.
If you knowingly falsely accuse people of being a scammer with no evidence, please stop.
just stop.

It's NOT nice, and it leaves people in a bad mood for DAYS.

In this game, it is WAY better to go with "innocent until proven guilty" method.
I use it when I catch scammers.
It makes the person trust me so they have a better chance to try to go through with the scam.
If you ever scam (NEVER, but just to prove my point), you would most likely lock people out if they said they didn't trust you (or if they were recording the scam)
I usually hide my status at a scacker catcher to the scammer.
I wouldn't want to scam at all, but especially not someone who caught scammers.
Just please be nice and not jump to conclusions... Alright? Make Jamaa a better place.
 Thanks for listening trough this post. I think kindness is as important as scam catching, so I thought I would share this with you.
Thanks, happy jamming!!
-Agent Ladybug (who apologizes for posting off topic, but it needed to be said)

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