Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scammer: omgitssnowy5 and sunflowerpetal8

Hello, frens! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught today that was trying the "Giveaway" And the "If I accept you get ___" Scams! 
Note: This post will be fueled off of pictures that I got from the video, so the post is gonna have the quality of a 2010 video. Sorry :P


I went there, and they said it was not a scam.
They then refreshed and began to go afk for about a minute before they came back.
Then, the other person at the giveaway said this.

I sighed and traded them all of the unwanted rare item mondays I had, but they declined.

they said they would accept sometimes, and I decided to trade a few more items for it.
While I was setting up the trade, the other person said this.

Well, gee golly, I guess not!
I knew at this point that sunflower was their other account. I sighed, and with reluctance, I traded them everything from before, and I added an eyeball hat that I didn't need.

If you can see, they accepted.

I was locked out afterwards. I Jam-a-Grammed them saying I had pictures and a video and they started fabricating that their sister was in control. They also gave me a few items that weren't mine.

Obviously, that wasn't their sister, because they said "I told you I'd give back", which is not something that an innocent person would say.

That is the end of those scammers. Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scammers: Vonstatz3

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug, back in action! This scammer, abbreviated as Von in this post, was doing a variation of the giveaway scam today in Aldan.

I was skeptical at first when I first saw them. I sat there, waiting for her to say something, when she started showing proof.

She showed a spike on her list. It was a green short collar.

I tried to trade her my pink short collar, which is over, and she declined. Of course, she had the spike on her list, and I traded for that. I told her that was over.

 Of course, they ignored me, and she started saying she really wanted a fox hat.
I asked her if we could trade directly, and...

No, but seriously, she said it was because it wasn't fair.
The literal point of giveaways is to give someone an item.
for free.

I never understand the logic behind that. Seriously.

She started saying that the spike wasn't fair for a fox hat. I told her that a plushie wasn't fair for a fox hat, either.

To scam...
They admitted to it!
Usually, the scammer might spout some stuff and then run away after they admit it, but this goes on for a LOT longer.

(also, for some reason they buddied me, lol)

They started saying they were gonna give it to their buddy. Then, they started saying "You could have let me have the fox hat".
Sounds like guilt tripping to me.
And, if you know me, I Absolutely HATE guilt tripping.

They left for a while.
Then, they came back. They said they gave it to them.

Way to be blunt.

They said they wouldn't come because they didn't know how to teleport.

Now, I got absolutely no pictures of this, but another one of their accounts went in and started saying it was true. I had to do something in the real world for a second (get my phone. I was being texted lol) and I said "Hold up for just a second" And they started oddly flipping out.

They left, then came back, and then lay down on the ground and started guilt tripping.

My least favorite.

If anyone is scared of this message when they get it, don't be alarmed. AJHQ Will never punish you for nothing.

Then their Main account """"Friend"""" went over and started picking on me.

I then said "At least I wasn't the scammer lol"
This kid started FLIPPING OUT. 
They thought I said I WAS a scammer.

Then, I said "I said I wasn't scamming lol" and they started to pick on me again before leaving.

I may live a boring life, but at least I don't scam people.

I got a video of this scam, too!!
My Camtasia trial ran out, so unfortunately I can't give you high-quality videos.
Just accept what I have, lol.

Thanks for reading! Be safe, jammers!!

-Agent Ladybug (My arm hurts, please help)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Scammer: Tigersrule399

Hey guys! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught doing the "magenta necklaces" scam. 

As we all should know, magenta necklaces are 100% fake. Every necklace to exist, except the rare version, are store bought and NOT rare.
I tried to Jam-a-Gram them saying that there wasn't such a thing in the game, but they weren't accepting Jam-a-Grams, so I called them out.

I started to tell them that it was just a joke someone made up that got out of hand when they started to play victim:

Then they left!


That is it! I might edit this post if I find another scammer. Thank you for reading!

-Agent Ladybug (Thank Mira the weekend is here)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Scammer: Cuteghosts

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! As promised, I have a scammer that I caught today!
This one's scammer is cuteghosts. I honestly feel bad that they are a scammer... I REALLY like their username.
They were attempting the "If I accept you get ___" Scam.

After a couple trades, I decide to trade my orange long for their red short (which is an overtrade for them) and they declined.

(If you can't read, I said "that was over :P")
They started to act weird and then say this.

And, although I forgot to take a picture of this, I then said "IDK, you should probably accept an overtrade"
Then I said

(whoops, i spelled it wrong)
Then, they decided to do damage control and advertise their list.

Yep! That's about it.


It's so great to be back! Expect more posts soon!

-Agent Ladybug (I'm so happy my laptop is working again.)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Laptop Works Again! (For Now...)

I'm back! 
It's Agent Ladybug here. I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet, and I'll start catching Scackers.
My laptop has miraculously started working again!
I'm looking for scackers as I type this, so expect a lot of posts soon.
Thank you so much!

-Agent Ladybug (I am running out of stuff to say here ugh)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Can't Catch Scackers Right Now...

Hey guys! Its agent Ladybug here. I'm sorry about the lack of scackers, but I have to say something.
So, I've been busy with school and such, but I have recently been able to find scackers since my schedule has loosened up.
However, just as I get this free time, my laptop breaks!!
I've been trying desperately to fix it, but for the time being, I will be unable to catch scackers and post them.
I'm typing this post on my mobile device, so I might make a few posts like that, but I can't catch people at all, unless I find out how to fix my computer, or I go on my school computer, which would also be a problem. My school computer doesnt let me go on my blogger account, since the school can block such terrible, awful crimes.
So, I'm REALLY sorry, but I can't catch anyone! I will definitely post once I can get back on.
So, until then, I'm sure some other agents will post. This was Agent Ladybug, thank you so much!!

-Agent Ladybug (SWEET MIRA it is hard to type on this thing)

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