Tuesday, May 31, 2016

not able to find scakers.

Hi guys. Agent bubble here and I have sad news. Animal jam hq took my account away. They say its "disabled" when its not. I wont be able to catch scakers until the fight is won. Im sorry. please sign my petition on change.org

Saturday, May 28, 2016


          Hello readers and welcome back to another blog post with Agent Californian!

  Today readers, I will be talking about ty2662, this person is appearing to be using a blue collar giveaway to try and scam. Of course, the trading system is updated to prevent these scams but ty2662 may have found a way through that. So to give you a more in depth look at this whole event, at around 9:30PM Pacific Time, I logged on to AJ and right away saw this scammer. I forgot what she said but it was something like "IF YOU WANT SPIKE MY DEN" or something like that. So detecting a scam, I went to the den. It was a small den with several arcade games. So after about 30 seconds, 5 people appeared and then, ty2662 came into the den. Right away, she started saying stuff like "trade me rares" and "best person gets spike." When asked what kind of spike it was, She said it was blue. Since she was wearing a blue spiked collar but did not have it on trade, I guess that everyone believed her. Someone traded a blue and white headdress and did not say anything after that. After a minute or so of trading, the three real people (as in people that actually traded) started getting restless and one left. Anyways, after that, ty2662 locked me out for inactivity. Even though this sounded long, I was in the den for about 100 seconds so I did not have time to get proof.

      Jammers harmed: Not sure (Possibly one)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reporting is glitched... Somehow? (Edit: It's fixed now :3)

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here back from vacation and the last of my school days! Anyways, the update today was pretty cool, but beware of a bug they added.
(they fixed the bug!)

(I censored the jammer, it is another one of my accounts, but I would not like for the username to be known.)

So, if you find a scacker anywhere, you can't report them! It will do that!
You can't press any buttons. You have to refresh in order to move again.
That's awful...
AJHQ, fix that plz?
Anyway, beware of any scackers around here, ok?
Be safe, Jammers!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Scammer: Misskittycat9304

Hey guys and girls! It's Agent Ladybug here! I haven't posted in a while, have I? Well, I finally found a scammer. They were doing the "Giveaway" And the "Accept my trade and you will get ___" Scams.

I was the only person at their den. They were REALLY nice to me when I first came in.
Then, they said this.

I didn't have anything on trade:

I put some crappy items on my list that I got from Return of the Phantoms.

They then traded me a bad item for my freedom bands.

Then they left their den! Then...

Obviously, don't send the items back...
I sent them a Jam-a-gram telling them I have pictures, so if they respond, I will edit the post.


Not even an hour after I posted this, I got this in my Jam-a-grams:

Notice how it's a different account. (The original wasn't a member!)
I'm guessing that's their main.
They gave the item back, so I want to keep them off the list for a while.
Still, be wary of this jammer.

Jammers Harmed:
1+ (Not anymore)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

new agent!

hi guys Agent epic here i am an new agent im 12  i has bubble chat fro no reason why aj whyy
i will try to post as often as possible and i will try to catch scammers for u guys i do school alot but since im obsessed with aj i can only play for about 1-2 hours

i love aj forever #clarkforever
love u jammers forever

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Scammer: Unicornsparkleface

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer! Geez, today is a busy day. This one's gonna be a long post.
This scammer was in Township doing the "Gift me ___ I gift back ___" Scam.

A bunch of people (me included) called her out.

Promise, huh?
We kept asking her stuff like "Why not just trade directly?"

She stopped talking after that. Me and someone else laughed it off and talked about how she was a scammer. I said this.

(I was talking about this blog, obviously)
After that...

The scammer said "oh no".
Basically saying that she was afraid of being called out.
Report her for scamming.
IDK if anyone actually gifted her, so this one is unresolved.

Jammers harmed:

Scammer: xxjosiexx4

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer! So, I was chillin' in the diamond shop, because I was buying an elf tail for my look, when one of the other people in the shop jam-a-grammed me. 

This person was, of course, xxjosiexx4.

This will be the entire conversation. 






This threw me for a complete loop. If you can't trade or gift, you can't receive items, and you can't gift me back!


Still me:

They went offline after i sent this. Report them for attempted scamming.
This still isn't disputed, so i'll edit if i get anything else.

Jammers Harmed:

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scammer: Epicface79

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with a post about a scammer that was doing the "trade ___ And win ___" scam again.

Obviously, he had some really bad stuff on trade.

 He actually showed the spike though, so that's a plus. It was a black long wrist. 

I traded him one on my unwanted rares, a rare heart locket. He accepted.

Then he left! Woo!
Classic scammer.
Don't send me a rare heart locket back, obviously.
Report for scamming!

Jammers harmed:

Scammer: New Jammer

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer at 6 in the morning! I'm gonna post this later, probably. This post is probably gonna be disorganized... I'm so tired.
This new jammer (most likely an alt) was hosting a giveaway for a yellow long collar.

I went there, and there were about 5 people with me. They went to their den, and started saying it was best trade wins.

At this moment, EVERYONE started saying "scam!!!!" and the new jammer started saying they were being mean. They started to ask to put the spike on trade and he said "later".
We asked him to do it NOW, and he locked the den.
I don't know how to report this dude, but just be cautious of people who look like this.

Jammers harmed:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hello Jammers. Agent Kim here with another post. I've decided to make this post about Types of Scams on Animal Jam  , because here on Jamaa's Scackers Destination we need to make sure to look out for these types of scams which happen on a regular basis (sadly). So, without further ado, let's get started!

Scam #1- The Birthday Scam: "It's my birthday, send me rares!" does that sound familiar? Well, it's most likely not their birthday, so try to to avoid that!

Scam #2- The 10th Person to Send... Scam: "Tenth person to send me a rare get's _______". I'm pretty sure a majority of people have fell for this one. The reason the scammer is doing this is so he/she can receive multiple of rares at the same time, but will eventually leave/log out.

Scam #3- The Code Scam: "Come to my den for a code!". This one is quite frequent even nowadays. Before they tell you the "code" they will want you to send them something "superior", basically a rare/beta. But, once they have gotten the rare/beta, they will lock everyone out of their den.

Scam #4- The Not Accepting Trade Scam: "I don't accept any trades, try me!". This one is eye catching, most people will want to try it, but avoid it because maybe once or twice they will decline, but once you do your best, they'll accept. But thanks to AJ'S Trading System Improvement , I doubt anyone should fall for this scam!

Scame #5- The Send for Send Scam: " Send me a _____ and I'll send a ______!" The blanks are the rares/betas. And, of course you want that beta/rare so you'll do it and most likely not get anything back, So avoid this scam!

That's it for the majority of the scams, but since AJ has improved on their safety of the Trading System, scammers are finding ways to scam other ways. One way may be by sending, that's why most of the scams to prevent are ones that you'll need to "send". Hopefully AJ improves on this as well! Anyways, that's it for this post STAY SAFE and JAM ON!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Scammer: badou

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer! I'm on a roll! This one was hosting a giveaway at his den!

Some other people were there. He said this once everyone was calm.

He told us to trade for the freedom hat that was on his trade.

The chat log is shown down here. He told me to trade two items for it. I asked him if he would decline, which he replied no. At this time, everyone was gone but me and them.

I asked him this. He replied:

This is when it gets either interesting or sad. You be the judge.

He just did that.
I decided to give him a chance and trade him a black long, a red long, and a headdress.
I'm kidding, or course!
I traded him green mech angel wings and fake green glossies.

Then guess what?

I jam-a-grammed him telling him i had pictures, and he told me to go to my den.

I saw him, and he quickly left without saying ANYTHING.
Don't gift me back the items, they were bad and I didn't want them.

Jammers harmed:

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