About hackers

Hey jammers!
The JSD team is here to teach you about hackers and what they do! So please keep attention as we help you!

How to not get hacked!
Don't give any info about your password I REPEAT DONT!!
Stay away from anyone who looks like they hack
Have any more things on how to not get hacked comment them below:)

How to know if the jammer is a hacker
You can tell if the jammer is a hack by...
- The jammer has a ton of betas in his/her den
- Is very rare ( well it depends)
- Has super rare stuff on trade
- excetera

What is a hacker
Hackers like the same as scammers except hackers go into to peoples accounts and steal all the great and awesome wonderful stuff instead of just being patient while scammers they want a certain item so they scam it cause theregreedy too! 
In other words...
Hackers are ,mean greedy jammers who want all the rares they can get so they can become rare and popular!

Well this has been a message from the JSD team!


  1. Some people have a lot of rares but I can see if they have tons then they would be a hacker

  2. Well the way I see it, if they are a non member and have member items and no signs that they were ever a member, then they're a hacker and/or a scammer

  3. @Anonymous: Maybe a member traded the non-member member items; you can never tell.
    Also, if a person has a lot of rares and/or betas, it may mean that they're from the beta days.
    From what I've noticed, most hackers like to show off and admit it in public. Usually, though, they do it from the hacked account which means that no one knowswho it really was. Some hackers leave a mark, like Wretchedjungle, but others like to keep it a secret. They're the ones that never get caught.

    1. Why do people like to hack and scam for reasons well they want betas I got hacked by someone random and people are still trying to hack me well this is how the story goes:I was in animal jam and my friend was recording we were Doing trust trade I declined it so she want accept then we did it again she accepted then I was sad I told all my friends I was leaving but there was one friend I could not leave Jacob9111 he was very sweet guy so I did not leave I said this to my self I will earn my betas back so I traded that night then I got tired I went to bed and they next day my horns were gone a nm got on my account and tried to take my spooky tophat I did not quit I got a lot of betas now for not giving up my friend she got scammed by haleyfan I told her never give up your dreams and it helped her she got mor betas now from it and I got some betas back too: fman122 is back in 2015 I think wretched jungle got an idea from fman122 from people telling stories about him and he hacked wootmoo I feel bad for him he has been hacked so many times and scammed I also feel bad for julian2 and kosho:julian2 he got banned for no reason well wretched jungle got on his account and banned him:kosho she got hacked and she has some betas back from u guys gifting her:wretch jungle is after snowyclaw lilacpetal and more he in his blog it says check list and it said all the most famous people in animal jam I was scared for a second I don't want him to hack my old friend snowyclaw:how the story went is that me and snowyclaw and other people were in the diamond shop she asked for a yellow elf tail I said sorry I'm saving my diamonds and she said it's ok u don't have to get me one and she said wanna be friends my name at the time was bunnybuns1218 animal jam said it was not good name for children I was not a kid I was a teen so they changed it to Jammer0r524 I accidentally deleted her I tried to say hi to her again she ignores me: if u guys can plz gift me or send comments plz thanks

  4. Sorry it's a very long story but it's true this happened to me

  5. i scammed a few times. i've head of some hackers. im going to be a hacker hunter on AJ. i will join your team if i find 2 hackers. it is difficult for me to do this.

    1. It is very hard to find hackers. Not a lot of people know how to hack unless they can actually hack into aj servers. I'm pretty sure how they do it but won't tell you in fear of being hacked.Also, you don't have to just hunt for hackers and also, you should just join the team now so the team and I can help you in your scacker hunting.

  6. I've seen a hacker through the epic dens list... their user is cosmicsuniverse, please report them!


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