Saturday, July 30, 2016

Scammer: Funnyfish07

Hey!! It's Agent Ladybug back from vacation! I've had a really good week, and I've been hoping to catch some scammers!
.... I can't find many, unfortunately :P (that's actually more fortunate then it is unfortunate, ha.)
However, I did find this one person. 

They were saying the star cape on their trade was beta.

I jam-a-grammed them saying that it wasn't beta.

They went offline after I sent this.
I usually don't like posting people like this. They might not know it's not beta...
If anything else happens, I'll edit this post!



Okay, I gotta update a bit. August 4th (next Thursday) Is my first day of school for this year! 
I could play Animal Jam last school year, but I honestly don't know if I can do that for this year. Due to the insane amounts of homework, I will be a bit busy. I will try to find scackers, though! So, sorry if I don't post a lot. (I'm not looking forward to this school year :P Bullies, am I right??)

now we can end the post! Happy Jamming!

-Agent Ladybug (Who doesn't want to go to school. Save me)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

scammer:new jammer

Hi agent tartar here and today I caught someone doing the "best trade wins a         "scam this person looks a lot like fman122 but I made sure that he is not he did say my den if you want a headdress at first but when I got there he said best trade wins so of course I took a picture but sadly my computer blacked out after that but I did get how many people were there and his picture.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Scammer: fia0727

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! I've been extremely burnt out of scacker catching recently, but I have managed to find a scammer!
This day's featured scammer, Fia0727, was doing a very odd scam.

I have never seen this jammer in my whole life, so I asked her how she would do so.

Of course, she left afterwards.
Now, of course I do my research.



Now, Instagram has one, but I highly doubt that she is even related to this scammer.
Even if she does, she has very little followers. If I ever wanted to be famous, I would most likely set my goals a bit higher than that.


And of course, the simple web search. It seems that her username is a car and a lamp pod.


Remember to report fia0727 for trying to scam!

-Agent Ladybug (who will be on vacation on Saturday! [or Friday, or Sunday... Time zones, ya know?] I won't be near internet for a while, so I can't catch anyone. Sorry!)

Sunday, July 17, 2016


hi its agent tartar here and today I found someone doing the "BEST TRADE WINS A                 " scam they said they would give a headdress to whoever traded them their best item, so I went to her den like she said and someone said ill trade you two black longs of course they traded and then she locked everyone out but I think she might have buddied someone and gave them the headdress or she just locked everyone out.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Scammer: Coolgammer7

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! Today I got a scammer doing the "next accepted trade wins ___" scam!

They were saying that they would give a black long to whoever she accepted the trade for.

I traded an orange phantom plushie for her necklace:

I have absolutely no idea where they went after I accepted. I sent them a Jam-a-Gram, so they will hopefully respond!

And guess what?
There are three other accounts with a similar username.
Coolgammer1, coolgammer9, and coolgammer0.

It could be an unfortunate coincidence that these people have similar usernames! 
Just be careful around them, alright? Alright.

Of course, I will edit this if we get more info on the story!

(Don't send me another phantom plushie! I know they're rare, but I have 5 of nearly every color, Ha.)


-Agent Ladybug (who is bored out of her mind :P)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Scammer: Jammer56m0n (and pandapanda179?)

It's Agent Ladybug here! I just witnissed one of the weirdest scams of my life.
I am most sure that it was a scam. I had my doubts at first just because it was so odd. However, this seems like one if you take in what they actually do.
Okay, so I was just chilling in Aldan, when someone went in my den!
It was Jammer56m0n.
They asked me if I had a rare snowman mask.
I had one on my storage account, so I traded it to me.
Then someone else came in known as pandapanda179.
and she had one too!
Jammer56m0n wanted two for her list, which was AMAZING. It had, like, 5 headdresses on it, a party hat, and a few tikis. Meanwhile, pandapanda179 kept begging me for my spike. When she did this. I got very suspicious. 
She had a snowman mask, and she wanted a spike. If i traded her a spike for the mask, I would have two, so I could get Jammer56m0n's list.
This seems to be the child of another known scam which is quite similar to it, where someone has a good list when they want a bad item, and someone else in the place has the bad item. People will trade something for the bad item, then both will log out. It's actually really clever, but it is very manipulative and cruel.
Obviously, I knew this was a scam, so I kept suggesting options that would prevent me getting scammed. Not gonna lie, I REALLY wanted her list! But who wouldn't, you know?
She eventually got tired of my crap and saw herself out. 

 HOWEVER! That's NOT the end! 
I actually got a VIDEO of the scam!
It actually saved my life, because I wouldn't know their usernames if I didn't!

*Triumphant fanfare plays*

Now, I just summarized the video up there. However, if you have the time, I suggest watching this video right here.
(also, I know it doesn't have any music, sorry about that. How about you add in your own by turning on your own music in the background!)

Anywho, Bye Jammers!

Jammers harmed:

(Minor Edit: I just saw her in Aldan again and its so freaking awkward XD)

-Agent Ladybug (who is starting to become tired and apologizes for the late night post D:)

Scammer: Silvarkitty

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! I'm sorry for not posting much lately... I've been pretty lazy to be honest.
Anyway, today I was chilling in Aldan, while the scammer known as Silvarkitty appeared. She was saying that she would give a pink short collar to whoever traded her a spike.

of course, she had a bad item on trade. I always forget to take a picture of that, don't I? The had a lollipop stand (the halloween item) on her list.
I was GOING to confront her, but she left as soon as I took the last picture. No one said 'they got scammed', though, so I don't know if she fooled anyone.



There recently have been people advertising magenta necklaces in Animal Jam.

There is NO such thing as magenta necklaces (Of course there is, but you can buy them) in the game! This was most likely started by an anonymous scammer who wanted to get rares.
Do not fall for these!

NOW we can end the post!

-Agent Ladybug (who will try to post more :P)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fman122 Back?!

Hi guys! Agent bubble here. Sorry I have`nt wrote lately. I have been very busy with summer break. Well on one of bepper's videos "The truth about fman122" I was looking at the comments. There are comments of people from like 2-3 weeks ago in the comments saying they got a gift from fman and they opened it. I honestly do not think these are true. No jammers harmed.

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