Friday, April 3, 2015

Agent Peace May-Or-May-Not Be Able To Post While On Spring Break.

Hi Guy's, I Just Want To Let You Know That I May-Or-May-Not Be Able To Post While I'm On Spring Break Because I'm Going To Florida And My Dad's Gonna Be Driving Saturday-Monday, Because Were Gonna Take A Few Breaks.I Hope I Have Internet Connection At The Hotel. I Will Still Be Able To Go On Animal Jam With This App Called "Puffin" On My Android Phone Because On My iPod You Will Need Internet Connection. So Yea.
Thanks For Reading And I Hope Everyone Has A Safe Spring Break! :)
~Agent Peace


  1. Puffin is one of the best apps ever!

  2. I've never tried puffin is it free??

    1. Also is it available on kindle fire??

    2. And yes. There is a free version and one where you have to pay money.

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