Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scammer: animaljamrockskiwi

Scammer: animaljamrockskiwi
This is his profile.( I bet he got that spike from scamming.) Anyway, the scammer scammed a few rares and diamond items from me. It wasn't that bad since I flashed just a few rares at his fake giveaway and they were RIMs and the diamond items were just worth 4 diamonds. But still, don't get tricked by this guy even though I wasn't tricked and kind of got scammed on purpose to see if he was going to scam or not.

                                                                                   -Agent Californian

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hi Everyone! I'm Agent Californian

Hi Everyone!

I am Agent Californian! My username is antongamer and I am a part of a youtube channel named mysticalstarandantongamer AJ. I joined this blog because I thought I should make a difference between honest AJ players and the scackers of Jamaa. I am currently in middle school and will soon be in high school.

I am currently a non-member but will be a member soon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Scammer: Flyfly14

      Hello Jammers! Agent Kim here with a post (after quite awhile). This post regards a Scammer with the username of Flyfly14. 
The scam she was doing was Trust Trading, which has been really frequent on AJ recently. Anyways, basically she said this...
So, I tried to scare her by saying "I'm going to "call" AJHQ". And she responded with "Ok SURE" and next thing you know she left. She felt really desperate to Trust Trade as you can see how many "Plz's" she has said. Make sure to be aware of this Jammer!

Jammers harmed: Unknown


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