Monday, April 25, 2016


Helloo guys agent bubble here! I decided to do a blog post about a hacker who has hacked me TWICE.
Her name is Nitnaks. Violet i forgot to tell you this. She used to be my friend but hacked me.
I dont know HOW she hacked me. I NEVER released my password on AJ becuse of the rules and chat system. I asked her WHY she hacked me but kept lying and sending me jam a grams saying stuff like
"I would never had (hack) a buddy" "I never did this." I dont have her player card but here is her Youtube channel logo
Image result for nitnaks animal jam p

She lies, Is cruel, and hacked me.  Please block her and all around STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!
And guess what. She also left me a mean message on my jammer wall but i deleted  and it had a little proof she hacked me. I told AJHQ but they wouldnt give my items back and she got out of it scot free.
Be carefull jammers! And change your password regulary.
Agent bubble. On the run to catch sackers, rares, glitches, and dumb stuff in animal jam,

Scammer: Mumacow

Agent violet here.
Sorry its been awhile since I have posted I haven't really had much time to catch scammers.
When I first saw this scammer say something I kinda had a feeling he was a scammer.
Turns out after I told my buddy I was catching scammers mumacow admitted he had scammed before.

Here he claims he is a scammer. 
I told him that scamming isn't good. He laughed and said its very fun to get rares.
Well guess who's getting reported and posted about?
Im gonna tell him to check this out!

Also we are also at 10000 page views!
Wow I can't believe that. Thanks every agent who keeps posting even if they do it once in awhile.

Jammers harmed: 1+


- Agent Violet

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