Hey jammers!
Welcome this blog was created by me violet86271!
Me and the team have spent so many hours trying to track down scammers and hackers and we try to do our best:) Please don't get mad if we don't do the following for you....
- put the scammers and hackers you commented because we've tracked them down and they aren't hackers or scammers
- we don;t post the way you want us too
and more
We try to do our best!
What does scackers mean? Scackers is a word I made up to say instead scammers and hackers its a way quicker way
Please take a look around the tabs, comment the scackers that you know of and we will try to track them down if they are not a scammer or hacker then we will not post them:) 

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have:)


  1. Creepersofthenether he is a lie whatever he says dont listen to him Cassendra


  2. Omg! Is he banned now?
    Agent bubble.


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