Friday, July 31, 2015

Adios agents

Hey jammers and agents!
I have decided to restart the agents.
The reason is well I have a few reasons here is why:
- Agents never posted
- Agents never responded to my jags just ignored
- Agents never responded to my emails.
For these reasons I have to restart the agents.
If you are an agent who wants to come back you may but you must have to follow a commitment.
And if you don't you will be banished from this agency.
In good news agent lexey is coming back!
Thats all for today!
Adios agents!
Welcome the new!
-agent violet

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dream item generator(hacking site)

Hey jammers!
Violet here with another post.
Today I was on my buddy's blog and saw a comment that was talking about a hacking site.
I clicked the link and it brought me to this:
Here is the link: Hacking site
As you can see it shows the items they can produce.
Which is ''recoloured items" which is already hacking into ajhq.

It shows that Mel used it and said that which she didn't:/ It also says the items they generate. 
Which are headresses, fox hats, spiked collars, party hats ect.

Now looking to the first picture it says generator once you click that it brings you here.
Where you have you to enter your user and pass. 
We obviously know thats a hacking site then.
Also look at all the spelling mistakes:
Fourm - forum 
Origional - original
Inncorrect - incorrect

Make sure to stay away from this website and spread the word about this!
- agent violet

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scammer: uluvaj10

Hey jammers!
Today I joined my buddy's aj club scam catching club and I happened to catch this scammer:
Uloveaj10 was caught in aparri's den doing flash trading.

I understand that it says fast trade me.
From my scam catching knowledge fast trading is flash trading because you have to flash fast.
I told her she was scamming and she was like no this is fun.
I said no you are and she was like your just jealous.

Status harmed: unknown

Since no one reads there emails i send them please post at least 1-5 scammers a month!
If anyone is willing to join please go to the joining page!
Thank you.

-agent violet

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Scammer: kk10223

Hey jammers, Agent 4971 here, and I've found a scammer by the name of kk10223, she says shes quitting and she wants you to trade her a rare for a short spike back.

I doubt its true.

News flash

Hey jammers!
Violet here I have updated a few pages to get the JSD back in gear this sumer.
We haven't been posting scammers much so I thought why don't I do something about this.
If you are an agent please go to posting rules/guide page for further notice.
Each agent will get an email sent to them about this.
If you would like to join please go to the joining page!
Agent violet

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