Saturday, November 12, 2016


today i found a new scammer they were doing the 'if you want                  come to my den ' scam they said come to my den if you want a long rare spike collar so i left jamaa township and went to their den they said to put my offers on trade i put them on trade and she traded a magenta necklace i declined she traded again so i declined again she said accept and then you will get it i accepted and she left and unbuddied me

                                                                                                                                                                         i reported her after everyone report this jammer for scamming. affected-1
tartar out

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Scammer: Challengeaccepted101

Hello jammers! It's Agent Ladybug back with another scammer who was trying to pull the "Best gift wins ___" Scam. This time, it was for their entire list, which consisted mostly of promo items.

I asked why we couldn't just trade, and a bunch of other people sided with me.

They left very soon afterwards. Someone said they got scammed out of a necklace from them.


Thank you for reading! Stay safe, Jammers!!

-Agent Ladybug (I wish the weekend was longer.)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Scammer: Jammer234d18

Hey folks! Agent Ladybug here with a scammer that was trying the trust trade scam.
Before we begin, lemme say to forgive me if this one isn't as fun to read. OH BOY, did this one make me angry.
This one began with this jammer asking for spikes in Township. After going there, they asked me if i would accept a few cat ears and a worn for my blue long collar. After I said no, they even went as far as to BEG me to accept it for their old membership account. After I said no, they began guilt tripping and I eventually saw myself out.
I went back to Township, and I was sitting there, when they start trying to scam.

Now, since I had a history with them, I decided that the best decision would be to go to my other account and try to get them there. I asked them to show the spikes, and they asked if I had any. I said yes, then they told me to go to my den.

Once I was there, they asked me to put them on trade. I hastily went to my main account, and got my pink short set, before going back to their den and putting it on trade.
They said something, but I didn't catch it, so I asked them to repeat it, and they refused.

They said this, and I knew it was gonna be GOOD.
So, they told me to trade them for the cat ears, then they would give back.

I asked them why, since there was absolutely no point, when they said it was just for fun.

Now, here, they said "If I don't, I will give you everything"... Or something like that. I don't really remember. I questioned the logic of this, then this happened.

Okay, I have NOTHING else to show. I told them to show the spikes, and they REFUSED, saying it was a surprise. We bickered for so long... It was MADDENING. We got pretty heated. In fact, the only reason we DID stop was because my godforsaken internet made my game crash, and when I could get back online, they went offline. I sent them a few Jam-a-Grams, telling them to go to my den (I would have told them I had video AND pictures, but the Non-member Jam-a-Grams are restrictive.)
So... That's about it. I have a video to show, and It has a bunch of fun times in it. 

Anyways... That's it! Thanks for reading! Stay safe, folks!

-Agent Ladybug (I am not in a good mood...)


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Scammer: xxitssunnyxx

Hello jammers! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer that was doing the "Gift me ___ And you get ___" Scam!

That's quite the offer for someone who seems to have NO spikes, according to their animals tab, hmm?

I gifted them an unwanted RIM and they didn't do anything.

They left afterwards, as well.
Thanks for reading!

-Agent Ladybug (The Animal Crossing soundtrack is SO GOOD)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Scammer: Milyrocks

Hey jammers! It's your favorite ladybug here, Agent Ladybug! I recently caught a scammer who was trying the "Gift/Trade me ___ And you win ___" scam.

Notice how they never specified whether to gift or trade it? Yeah. They had their diamond short spike and a bee on trade.

I couldn't get a picture of them actually saying it. I checked, and they still had the diamond one on their trade. I put two and two together and guessed they were just misinformed about it... either that or they were just trying to trick people.
They said this:

I do...Why?
I then told them about the spike:

They said "I like purple, blue is fine" Which is LESS Fair.

They thought about it for a bit, then one of the people there agreed with me.

Then they tried to scam me again by asking for the blue spike, even after I specifically stated that NO rare spike is even close to fair for it.

They left afterwards. Report them for scamming!


Thanks for reading! Stay safe, jammers!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Scammer: kittielol13

Hello, fellow jammers! It is Agent Ladybug here with another post! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been on animal Jam a bit, but I have been having trouble finding scammers.
But, before I start...

Alright, now let's start!

This scammer was caught doing the "Best trade wins ___" Scam. 

If you can't read, a lovely jammer was asking for proof they had a spike.
They put a diamond green short spike on their list.
I traded them a few unwanted rares, but they kept declining. Then, suddenly,they started yelling "TRADE THAT AGAIN PERSON WITH THE TWO SPIKES"

No one traded them, and they eventually just advertising their spike before they left immediately afterwards.

Thanks for reading! Be safe, jammers!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scammer: omgitssnowy5 and sunflowerpetal8

Hello, frens! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught today that was trying the "Giveaway" And the "If I accept you get ___" Scams! 
Note: This post will be fueled off of pictures that I got from the video, so the post is gonna have the quality of a 2010 video. Sorry :P


I went there, and they said it was not a scam.
They then refreshed and began to go afk for about a minute before they came back.
Then, the other person at the giveaway said this.

I sighed and traded them all of the unwanted rare item mondays I had, but they declined.

they said they would accept sometimes, and I decided to trade a few more items for it.
While I was setting up the trade, the other person said this.

Well, gee golly, I guess not!
I knew at this point that sunflower was their other account. I sighed, and with reluctance, I traded them everything from before, and I added an eyeball hat that I didn't need.

If you can see, they accepted.

I was locked out afterwards. I Jam-a-Grammed them saying I had pictures and a video and they started fabricating that their sister was in control. They also gave me a few items that weren't mine.

Obviously, that wasn't their sister, because they said "I told you I'd give back", which is not something that an innocent person would say.

That is the end of those scammers. Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scammers: Vonstatz3

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug, back in action! This scammer, abbreviated as Von in this post, was doing a variation of the giveaway scam today in Aldan.

I was skeptical at first when I first saw them. I sat there, waiting for her to say something, when she started showing proof.

She showed a spike on her list. It was a green short collar.

I tried to trade her my pink short collar, which is over, and she declined. Of course, she had the spike on her list, and I traded for that. I told her that was over.

 Of course, they ignored me, and she started saying she really wanted a fox hat.
I asked her if we could trade directly, and...

No, but seriously, she said it was because it wasn't fair.
The literal point of giveaways is to give someone an item.
for free.

I never understand the logic behind that. Seriously.

She started saying that the spike wasn't fair for a fox hat. I told her that a plushie wasn't fair for a fox hat, either.

To scam...
They admitted to it!
Usually, the scammer might spout some stuff and then run away after they admit it, but this goes on for a LOT longer.

(also, for some reason they buddied me, lol)

They started saying they were gonna give it to their buddy. Then, they started saying "You could have let me have the fox hat".
Sounds like guilt tripping to me.
And, if you know me, I Absolutely HATE guilt tripping.

They left for a while.
Then, they came back. They said they gave it to them.

Way to be blunt.

They said they wouldn't come because they didn't know how to teleport.

Now, I got absolutely no pictures of this, but another one of their accounts went in and started saying it was true. I had to do something in the real world for a second (get my phone. I was being texted lol) and I said "Hold up for just a second" And they started oddly flipping out.

They left, then came back, and then lay down on the ground and started guilt tripping.

My least favorite.

If anyone is scared of this message when they get it, don't be alarmed. AJHQ Will never punish you for nothing.

Then their Main account """"Friend"""" went over and started picking on me.

I then said "At least I wasn't the scammer lol"
This kid started FLIPPING OUT. 
They thought I said I WAS a scammer.

Then, I said "I said I wasn't scamming lol" and they started to pick on me again before leaving.

I may live a boring life, but at least I don't scam people.

I got a video of this scam, too!!
My Camtasia trial ran out, so unfortunately I can't give you high-quality videos.
Just accept what I have, lol.

Thanks for reading! Be safe, jammers!!

-Agent Ladybug (My arm hurts, please help)

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