Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hey everyone it's Agent Lexey here with one last post on the JSD. I've decided to retire. I've had a great time at the JSD and I'll never forget it and its agents. Thank you Violet for letting me be apart of this group, I've had so many good memories here. The JSD was the first society I've ever been in and I've had a great time here. Sorry, if I'm making anyone sad, I'm a little sad myself but I will still be playing AJ, I might be catching a few scammers too. Thank you everyjammer for understanding. Remember everyone who is reading this, continue the good fight, fight for justice! One day the war will all be over if you keep trying. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mighty Squad?

I give credit to my friend Leozo for telling me this. So there is this group claiming they're the hackers of all the famous jammers. They call themselves the Mighty Squad. Click here to see their YouTube channel. I personally think they're just trying to get attention and scare people. They say the goverment can't track them,  (I was literally laughing when they said they in a video XD) What do you guys think? Comment below, I will leave a  video on their channel below. Warning, that they do swear in some of their videos. (not this one though)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wretchedjungle Videos

I found a few videos about Wretched, there is a lot more than this but here's a few.

Fman122 And WretchedJungle Situations?!

Hi Guys Today I Read A Few Post And Saw Alot Of Picture's Related To Fman122 And This Jammer Named WretchedJungle So Here Is The Story.
" WretchedJungle Was Banned Recently By Animal Jam But I Read On YouTube A Comment And It Kinda Freaked Me Out
I Felt Like I Was Being Threatened By Reading This.

Here Is What He Looks Like.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Insomniak's Possible Return?

Hey jammers, Lexey here with a post. On the post before this, while I was looking around AJ to see what was happening, I found this:

Insomniak was a suspect hacker. I believe he was banned because his user doesn't exist anymore. There might be a possiblity this person is Insomniak but there is also a chance this isn't him. I would watch out for Insomnia if you see him.

Fman is back?!

EDIT: Click to watch a video about this.
 Hey jammers, Lexey here with some news. Today I was looking in my Gmail and found this

I then got a message from my other buddy saying this:

After lots of effort I got on AJ to see what was going on. Here is the pictures I took:

What do you think about this? Say in the comments!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Scammer: elsa2071

Elsa caught scamming at a trusting party she hosted.

- violet 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scammer: Ellie6576

This scammer was in Julian2's den. I found out she was trusting when I looked on her trade list.

Ellie pretended to have a YouTube channel to try to get people to trade her.

I would of heard of her by now... XD

I asked her why she couldn't trade fair but she egnored me. Soon she left, I think someone was scammed.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Scammers: coolgirl61784 and gdas16

Hey jammers!
Cool girl was found doing flash trading

Gads was found trusting

Remember to report and stay safe! 
- Violet 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Agent Peace May-Or-May-Not Be Able To Post While On Spring Break.

Hi Guy's, I Just Want To Let You Know That I May-Or-May-Not Be Able To Post While I'm On Spring Break Because I'm Going To Florida And My Dad's Gonna Be Driving Saturday-Monday, Because Were Gonna Take A Few Breaks.I Hope I Have Internet Connection At The Hotel. I Will Still Be Able To Go On Animal Jam With This App Called "Puffin" On My Android Phone Because On My iPod You Will Need Internet Connection. So Yea.
Thanks For Reading And I Hope Everyone Has A Safe Spring Break! :)
~Agent Peace

Scammer Alert: Dashingcat

Hey Guys Its Agent Peace And Today I Was In Jamaa Curiously Looking At Jammers And This Is What I Found:
I Investigated And Sure Enough, It Was A Scam.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Agent Lexey will be inactive for a little bit

Hey jammers and fellow agents. Sorry for not posting that much last month. I've gotten really busy so I just want to give everyone a heads up. Nope I'm not quiting and I'll promise everyone that I won't do it in a billion years! However I'm going to take a quick break. School and a bunch of other things has gotten in my way and I just need a break because of it. I hope everyone understands and I promise I'll be back soon! :)

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