Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hey jammers!
Today I am talking about jammerjamis.

Jammerjamis has an unreleased shark hat on him.
No one knows for sure if he's a hacker or just a tester.
I think he's a tester but I could be wrong!
Comment what you think in the comments!

Also agents know one posts the name of the scammer. Which you are supposed to do. Like this as a title...
Scammer: blah blah blah.
If you wanna be an agent and post scammers!
Go to the joining oage to find out more! 
That's all for today jammers! 
See ya later!


  1. You should put credit for the picture or that's called plagiarism

  2. I just saw that mask at the april fools party Lol its in the shops of the april fools party

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