Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Important Announcement Regarding Scammers

Yo! It's Agent Ladybug here.
Listen, I don't have a scammer for you today, but I have to address something.
I was trying to catch a scammer today (they ended up being a troll, no items were scammed, no worries!!), but one of the people there went to my den and started saying the troller scammed a blue long.
I asked the troller about it, and they provided actual proof that it was a lie.
Okay, alright....
The person who accused the troller of scamming then went into my den, said that I was the troller's other account, and to give the blue long back.
I have never had any blue spikes at all. (except for a short wrist, but that barely counts, ha.)
I have been falsely accused of being scammed once before, but I need to talk about it now.

If you pretend to be scammed for sympathy, attention, or free items, please stop.
If you knowingly falsely accuse people of being a scammer with no evidence, please stop.
just stop.

It's NOT nice, and it leaves people in a bad mood for DAYS.

In this game, it is WAY better to go with "innocent until proven guilty" method.
I use it when I catch scammers.
It makes the person trust me so they have a better chance to try to go through with the scam.
If you ever scam (NEVER, but just to prove my point), you would most likely lock people out if they said they didn't trust you (or if they were recording the scam)
I usually hide my status at a scacker catcher to the scammer.
I wouldn't want to scam at all, but especially not someone who caught scammers.
Just please be nice and not jump to conclusions... Alright? Make Jamaa a better place.
 Thanks for listening trough this post. I think kindness is as important as scam catching, so I thought I would share this with you.
Thanks, happy jamming!!
-Agent Ladybug (who apologizes for posting off topic, but it needed to be said)


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