Meet the team!

Here is a list of the basically all the agents we have ever had!
If you would like to learn more about them then just click this page.
The first few agents did not catch any scammers so they are not added.

Active agents
Agent/owner/boss: Violet86271
Hey guys Im violet86271 the owner of The animaljam legendary palooza!
About me:
- I love aj
- My favourite colour is purple
-I love to draw/sketch
Agent name: Agent violet

Agent: Sealpaws98359
- Girl in middle school who loves helping others
- Enjoys reading
- Loves to play AJ
Agent name: Agent sealpaws

Agent: Aj4971
- Loves making people happy
- Hates when people are upset and arguing
- Never picks a side in a fight
Agent name: Agent 4971

Agent: Peacesignsarelife
- Likes colour black
- Likes to play on electronics
- Loves to help people
Agent name: Agent Peace


Inactive agents
Agent: lexey200
Image and about not available.

Agent: Funnypanda1235
- Best friends with Agent lexey
- Had cancer at age 7
- Has done a lot of research on scamming and wants to make a difference in animal jam.
Agent name: Agent Kaitlyn


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ur so brave!!!! did u overcome cancer?

    2. you had cancer omg! you deserve somthing you know, you deserved to live c:

  2. Can you add me? I made an intro.
    Hey! I'm Agent Sealpaws. Animal Jam has been a hobby of mine that has stuck with me for almost 3 years! My favorite color is red, and I love reading!

  3. Are you letting others join? If so, here's my intro:
    I'm agent Cloud or my user is Heavensabove
    I am a huge animal jammer!
    Drawing is my life! My favorite color is aqua.

  4. Can i join as i sent you an email Violet if so you accept, here is my intro: Hey jammers!
    I'm Agent Ender! (or my use Enderprince)
    Iam a huge person loving videos and animals!
    My love for my friends and family is my life! My favorite color is red.

  5. No rush at all, but it'd be nice if you could add me. Thanks!

  6. You Sackers I am from AJSWS just wanted to say hi <3

  7. hi here is my intro : hi I'm agent tartar (my user is tartar268) I love animals and some adventure I don't have a favourite colour but I like blue

  8. sorry for the coment above my user is actually randomstubbyfeet tartar268is my backup

  9. Hi Violet, it's Lexey (who has changed her name to Spark). I haven't really put that out there but I quit AJ for about a year and I'm starting to get more active on the game now. However, I'm way more active on Play Wild these days. For now, I'm solo scam catching mostly in PlayWild but I'm thinking soon I could be an agent again or some kind of partner that helps out a little bit if that would be okay with you. I wouldn't be able to post but I could still take screenshots, I just don't know how I would get them to you. Also, I'm no longer on the jarus account but on the account pieasaurus (This will be my last time switching) if you would want to talk to me on aj or ajpw. Have a good day!

    1. Hi lexey! It's glad to hear your back! I missed you!
      You can join back whenever you wish, it just might be kinda hard to make posts if you don't have an email address. If you have an address you could send the pics through thst? And have words like a post? If not I'm sure you could help me catch some scammers and alert them?

    2. Okay, I'll see what I can do. If I do end up making a new email I'll make sure to email you about it.

  10. I'm not a agent I am a assassin part of a clan we help ppl we are not members like most of you we are all good buddies with AJ HQ we report a scam hack or bullying.

  11. Hey, sorry, it's Agent Ladybug! I'm at school right now, so I can't access my blogger account to make an official comment. I noticed that people had to actually type in a comment full of the facts to get on this page. I'm gonna type mine in right now, because I'm bored.

    I'm Agent Lydibug22, but my official Agent name is Ladybug. I love to draw, I collect items in Animal Jam as a hobby, and I am currently looking for my dream item, River Race.

    Again, I'm sorry that I have to be anonymous, but I would forget if I waited to get home. Thanks!

    1. (Confirming that this was, in fact, me)

  12. If I can't join for some reason, that's ok, i'll just gather up my friends and we'll make an anti- scackers clan

  13. i'm actually the one on the join page that said their username on aj is hoothead39. srsly


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