Saturday, July 30, 2016

Scammer: Funnyfish07

Hey!! It's Agent Ladybug back from vacation! I've had a really good week, and I've been hoping to catch some scammers!
.... I can't find many, unfortunately :P (that's actually more fortunate then it is unfortunate, ha.)
However, I did find this one person. 

They were saying the star cape on their trade was beta.

I jam-a-grammed them saying that it wasn't beta.

They went offline after I sent this.
I usually don't like posting people like this. They might not know it's not beta...
If anything else happens, I'll edit this post!



Okay, I gotta update a bit. August 4th (next Thursday) Is my first day of school for this year! 
I could play Animal Jam last school year, but I honestly don't know if I can do that for this year. Due to the insane amounts of homework, I will be a bit busy. I will try to find scackers, though! So, sorry if I don't post a lot. (I'm not looking forward to this school year :P Bullies, am I right??)

now we can end the post! Happy Jamming!

-Agent Ladybug (Who doesn't want to go to school. Save me)

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