Thursday, August 4, 2016

Scammer: holographicsparkles and reagpop (Maybe)

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug back with a brand new scammer! This one was trying the "giveaway", "trust trade", and "other accounts" Scams.

Once we went there, she started saying that she would give away the wrist first. She said that she would accept people's trades and then trade it back.
Almost no one was actually trading her except reagpop.

She was winning, and I was trying to get Holo to try to accept my blue long collar (I got that after the whole false accusation thing, don't worry, ha!) but she kept declining. She said reag was winning, who had traded a lion's mane (which aren't even rare to me, I live about 20 minutes away from a Walmart so it's easy to get one). I'm also pretty sure they are less rare than blue longs in any case, so I called her out, but she said I declined.
We started to think Reag was her other account. We told them to move at the same time, and they actually did it.
A REALLY long time ago, I used my main account and a storage to do a test to see if people would see that we were the same person. (IDK why, I just wanted to) We played games, and I always managed to move around at the same time... Because I was using two different computers with two different mouses.
I was still skeptical, and the lion was close to winning the orange long, when I had the angelic idea of checking Holo's achievements.
She had a mere one and a half pages of achievements.
Being that new while being that rare was nearly unheard of unless they got them from another one of their accounts.
When I had that many achievements, the rarest item I had was a pink striped couch (before non members could change the color of items).
So I called her out.
Everyone started saying she was a scammer, and she locked us out.
EVERYONE... except reagpop.
Case closed.
I got a video of this scam too! Except this video is 17 minutes of silence... Again, put in your own music!
I'd highly suggest watching this. I nearly died because I was so proud of thinking about the achievements. It really is worth the watch.

(I currently use Windows Movie maker to edit these. If anyone has a free, easy to use editing tool without a watermark, tell me please!)

Now, here is the thing.
Reagpop might have been the only one trusting Holo, might have not been locked out, and might have won all the items.
That doesn't mean she is actually Holo.
That might be the most likely explanation, but It certainly isn't 100% certain.
What is certain is that Holo is a secondary account and most likely belongs to reag.
It's not completely true.


-Agent Ladybug (who is in desperate need of sleep.)

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