Sunday, August 7, 2016

Scammer: 87666

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! I found a scammer doing the giveaway and trust trade scams.

Well, I went to their den, and they said to trade them our best items. I actually traded the blue long and a newly-obtained pink short collar, and they declined. I was surprised at this moment. Then one of the other wolves there got the items.
I was skeptical that this one was their main, because the winner had about 3 or 4 pages of achievements (At least, maybe even more) and 87666 only had 6 achievements. There was a second round where we would win two pigtails and a gray worn. I traded them, no lie, every single one of my spikes.
They tried to accept.
I VERY quickly declined. I think I actually broke the sound barrier. I told the other two people there and they also said that 87666 tried to accept.
We called him out, and they said we had to accept.
I started questioning them about their lack of achievements and how they got items that I don't even have at 20 pages. I swear, they were so bad at avoiding questions.
"Why do you not have a lot of achievements then?" (asked after they said they've been playing for a year)
"Why not?"
I... What??? 
I told the other people that I was recording, and they started to record too.
I asked them a simple question: To bring their main account in. They mentioned it several times.
He said that he forgot the password.
Then, 87666 basically admitted to scamming after saying "Okay, I know you aren't recording"
they started bringing in more potential backups, and we started bugging them about bringing in the membership account or sending us the items. I actually managed to get the others into letting me win, then I would give the items to them later. That's some serious trust right there. I really would have, but they locked their den!
I happened to get a video of this scam! 
Now, I have a free trial of a good editing software, so I managed to edit in music!
However, the video is 25 minutes and 39 seconds long.
I am going to edit it once it uploads. It might take a really long time.
(I got it)


-Agent Ladybug (who really doesn't want to go to school tomorrow.)

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