Friday, August 5, 2016

Hackers: Instagram Edition

Hey jammers! It's Agent Ladybug here!
Now, this isn't catching a specific username, but it is instead focusing on certain Instagram accounts that claim to give free diamonds, gems, items, etc.
Let me tell you now:
There is NO way to get free diamonds, unless you win them in the daily spin or the Tuesday free one.
There is NO way to get free gems unless you play a bunch of games, recycle items, win them in the daily spin, or get them in adventures.
And free items are just silly. There is a very rare chance that it is actually a real one, but it is not worth it.
What they do is ask you for your username and password and then hack you, or, in some extreme cases, CAN GIVE YOU A VIRUS JUST BY CLICKING THE LINK. It's NOT worth being curious! 
NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER click on these. You WILL get hacked!
What I'm going to show you is what I can find in Instagram. I bet that there are accounts in other social medias, but I have seen more in Instagram.

First off...



Fourthly... umm... Fifth...



And that's all! Remember to NEVER fall for these, no matter WHO they are.
(I will be adding more if some happen to follow me. I own an Animal Jam themed Instagram account, so they like to follow me a LOT.)


Happy Jamming!

-Agent Ladybug (who loves the new adventures so much.)


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