Friday, August 12, 2016

Scammer: Marzel26

Hey jammers!! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught doing the 'impersonation' and the 'Gift me ___ and I'll gift you ___" Scams. This one was saying that they would gift a spike to whoever gifts them a neon bow. 

I asked them if they could have the decency to show us the spike, but they kept saying to give them the neon bow first. I refused, not just because it was a scam, but also because I don't even have a neon bow. We bickered for a solid 5 minutes about this until she said she was famous.
Ooh boy...
AJ didn't let me send her anymore jam-a-grams, so I went to her den to talk to her there. I asked her what her username was, and after lecturing her on how to get past the restricted chat, she said "Rosepetal21 AJ", which is an actual YouTube channel. I will talk about that later.
I started to tell her that fame didn't make scamming any less okay, and then she started saying that she had a spike, so she wasn't lying.
Okay... Everyone in this blog is a scammer.
I hAvE SpikEs, SO ItS TRuE!
(If you took that seriously.... Dear Gosh...)
I told her rarity didn't change a singular thing either, when she started to laugh via emote and eventually lock me out.

Now, about Rosepetal21 AJ...
This was an impersonator. 
If you watch a few of Rose's videos, you can very easily tell that this is not the same account.
Not only does this have a different username, but it is also a member, while Rose was a non-member in her most recent videos. If she did change her username, or even if she made another account, why would she tell me what her channel was if she didn't want to get reported? It seems like a complete contradiction. I wouldn't say that it is Rose, so please tell her that she's being impersonated.
You could also check out her videos... But that's your choice... *hint hint*
(also, notice how it doesn't have the numbers. There wasn't any other good result, so...)

Anyways. Report them for scamming!!
Here's the video if you want to watch it. (length= 11 min 8 sec.)

Happy jamming!

Unknown (Most likely none)

-Agent Ladybug (who is extremely happy that the weekend is here.)

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