Saturday, May 28, 2016


          Hello readers and welcome back to another blog post with Agent Californian!

  Today readers, I will be talking about ty2662, this person is appearing to be using a blue collar giveaway to try and scam. Of course, the trading system is updated to prevent these scams but ty2662 may have found a way through that. So to give you a more in depth look at this whole event, at around 9:30PM Pacific Time, I logged on to AJ and right away saw this scammer. I forgot what she said but it was something like "IF YOU WANT SPIKE MY DEN" or something like that. So detecting a scam, I went to the den. It was a small den with several arcade games. So after about 30 seconds, 5 people appeared and then, ty2662 came into the den. Right away, she started saying stuff like "trade me rares" and "best person gets spike." When asked what kind of spike it was, She said it was blue. Since she was wearing a blue spiked collar but did not have it on trade, I guess that everyone believed her. Someone traded a blue and white headdress and did not say anything after that. After a minute or so of trading, the three real people (as in people that actually traded) started getting restless and one left. Anyways, after that, ty2662 locked me out for inactivity. Even though this sounded long, I was in the den for about 100 seconds so I did not have time to get proof.

      Jammers harmed: Not sure (Possibly one)

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