Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Scammer: Misskittycat9304

Hey guys and girls! It's Agent Ladybug here! I haven't posted in a while, have I? Well, I finally found a scammer. They were doing the "Giveaway" And the "Accept my trade and you will get ___" Scams.

I was the only person at their den. They were REALLY nice to me when I first came in.
Then, they said this.

I didn't have anything on trade:

I put some crappy items on my list that I got from Return of the Phantoms.

They then traded me a bad item for my freedom bands.

Then they left their den! Then...

Obviously, don't send the items back...
I sent them a Jam-a-gram telling them I have pictures, so if they respond, I will edit the post.


Not even an hour after I posted this, I got this in my Jam-a-grams:

Notice how it's a different account. (The original wasn't a member!)
I'm guessing that's their main.
They gave the item back, so I want to keep them off the list for a while.
Still, be wary of this jammer.

Jammers Harmed:
1+ (Not anymore)

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