Saturday, May 14, 2016

new agent!

hi guys Agent epic here i am an new agent im 12  i has bubble chat fro no reason why aj whyy
i will try to post as often as possible and i will try to catch scammers for u guys i do school alot but since im obsessed with aj i can only play for about 1-2 hours

i love aj forever #clarkforever
love u jammers forever


  1. Welcome to the team, Agent Epic!
    Congratulations for joining! Hope you have fun and make Jamaa a better place!

  2. Welcome to the team agent epic! Im agent bubble! Lets make jamaa a better place! #ajforever #clarkforever #clarkisawesome

  3. Hi dude. It's okay if you can only play for 1-2 hr. Because of school, I'll be satisfied with 1-2 minute lol. Cool name by the way! Hope you find you first scacker soon!


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