Monday, May 2, 2016

Scammer: ejg208 & ejg207

Hey guys! It's Agent Ladybug here with a post about a traditional scammer.
They were doing the "trade me ___ and win ___" scam.

They were saying "trade nerd glasses for hover table and win a HUGE Surprise!!"

I asked her this and she replied with:

Get what?? 
I asked her why not to trade for the surprise.

them="you get the tale (table) and the woods (wood floor)."
Me="why not trade for the wood den(then)?"
Then they started to freak out along with someone else.

They claimed that their 'cousin' got it.
Then a snow leopard said "OMG TY SNOW"
I guessed that was her 'cousin'.

I asked for proof, and she showed it.

I neglected to get the picture of proof...
She did have wood floors on trade.
I also would like to point out that this was her username.

Their difference is by one number... That seems like a dead give away.
Me and someone else (if you are reading, thanks :D) started asking for proof that they were different people.
I asked them to walk around at the same time.

They started blaming lag. The only thing was that they ONLY lagged (or complained about it at least) when I asked them to move. That lag has perfect timing, hm?
That's when they decided to start poking fun at us (not pictured)
also... I told them that I was taking pictures for a scam watch society, they told the other person to go to their den because they 'bought a new smoothie machine'.


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