Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scammer: New Jammer

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer at 6 in the morning! I'm gonna post this later, probably. This post is probably gonna be disorganized... I'm so tired.
This new jammer (most likely an alt) was hosting a giveaway for a yellow long collar.

I went there, and there were about 5 people with me. They went to their den, and started saying it was best trade wins.

At this moment, EVERYONE started saying "scam!!!!" and the new jammer started saying they were being mean. They started to ask to put the spike on trade and he said "later".
We asked him to do it NOW, and he locked the den.
I don't know how to report this dude, but just be cautious of people who look like this.

Jammers harmed:

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