Monday, May 2, 2016

Scammer: badou

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer! I'm on a roll! This one was hosting a giveaway at his den!

Some other people were there. He said this once everyone was calm.

He told us to trade for the freedom hat that was on his trade.

The chat log is shown down here. He told me to trade two items for it. I asked him if he would decline, which he replied no. At this time, everyone was gone but me and them.

I asked him this. He replied:

This is when it gets either interesting or sad. You be the judge.

He just did that.
I decided to give him a chance and trade him a black long, a red long, and a headdress.
I'm kidding, or course!
I traded him green mech angel wings and fake green glossies.

Then guess what?

I jam-a-grammed him telling him i had pictures, and he told me to go to my den.

I saw him, and he quickly left without saying ANYTHING.
Don't gift me back the items, they were bad and I didn't want them.

Jammers harmed:

1 comment:

  1. i'll report the scammer.
    also i hthought it was funny when you said i decided to give him a chance and give hhim a blck long, headress, and red long XD


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