Saturday, May 7, 2016

Scammer: Unicornsparkleface

Hey guys! Agent Ladybug here with another scammer! Geez, today is a busy day. This one's gonna be a long post.
This scammer was in Township doing the "Gift me ___ I gift back ___" Scam.

A bunch of people (me included) called her out.

Promise, huh?
We kept asking her stuff like "Why not just trade directly?"

She stopped talking after that. Me and someone else laughed it off and talked about how she was a scammer. I said this.

(I was talking about this blog, obviously)
After that...

The scammer said "oh no".
Basically saying that she was afraid of being called out.
Report her for scamming.
IDK if anyone actually gifted her, so this one is unresolved.

Jammers harmed:


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