Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Scammer: Silvarkitty

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! I'm sorry for not posting much lately... I've been pretty lazy to be honest.
Anyway, today I was chilling in Aldan, while the scammer known as Silvarkitty appeared. She was saying that she would give a pink short collar to whoever traded her a spike.

of course, she had a bad item on trade. I always forget to take a picture of that, don't I? The had a lollipop stand (the halloween item) on her list.
I was GOING to confront her, but she left as soon as I took the last picture. No one said 'they got scammed', though, so I don't know if she fooled anyone.



There recently have been people advertising magenta necklaces in Animal Jam.

There is NO such thing as magenta necklaces (Of course there is, but you can buy them) in the game! This was most likely started by an anonymous scammer who wanted to get rares.
Do not fall for these!

NOW we can end the post!

-Agent Ladybug (who will try to post more :P)

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