Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Scammer: Jammer56m0n (and pandapanda179?)

It's Agent Ladybug here! I just witnissed one of the weirdest scams of my life.
I am most sure that it was a scam. I had my doubts at first just because it was so odd. However, this seems like one if you take in what they actually do.
Okay, so I was just chilling in Aldan, when someone went in my den!
It was Jammer56m0n.
They asked me if I had a rare snowman mask.
I had one on my storage account, so I traded it to me.
Then someone else came in known as pandapanda179.
and she had one too!
Jammer56m0n wanted two for her list, which was AMAZING. It had, like, 5 headdresses on it, a party hat, and a few tikis. Meanwhile, pandapanda179 kept begging me for my spike. When she did this. I got very suspicious. 
She had a snowman mask, and she wanted a spike. If i traded her a spike for the mask, I would have two, so I could get Jammer56m0n's list.
This seems to be the child of another known scam which is quite similar to it, where someone has a good list when they want a bad item, and someone else in the place has the bad item. People will trade something for the bad item, then both will log out. It's actually really clever, but it is very manipulative and cruel.
Obviously, I knew this was a scam, so I kept suggesting options that would prevent me getting scammed. Not gonna lie, I REALLY wanted her list! But who wouldn't, you know?
She eventually got tired of my crap and saw herself out. 

 HOWEVER! That's NOT the end! 
I actually got a VIDEO of the scam!
It actually saved my life, because I wouldn't know their usernames if I didn't!

*Triumphant fanfare plays*

Now, I just summarized the video up there. However, if you have the time, I suggest watching this video right here.
(also, I know it doesn't have any music, sorry about that. How about you add in your own by turning on your own music in the background!)

Anywho, Bye Jammers!

Jammers harmed:

(Minor Edit: I just saw her in Aldan again and its so freaking awkward XD)

-Agent Ladybug (who is starting to become tired and apologizes for the late night post D:)


  1. I got scammed by these people today.
    I was crying for so long!
    It was a lion's mane and a chief hat..

  2. After you get scammed contact AJHQ and you will get 25 diamonds. ( You won't get your items back that got scammed though...)


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