Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scammers: Vonstatz3

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug, back in action! This scammer, abbreviated as Von in this post, was doing a variation of the giveaway scam today in Aldan.

I was skeptical at first when I first saw them. I sat there, waiting for her to say something, when she started showing proof.

She showed a spike on her list. It was a green short collar.

I tried to trade her my pink short collar, which is over, and she declined. Of course, she had the spike on her list, and I traded for that. I told her that was over.

 Of course, they ignored me, and she started saying she really wanted a fox hat.
I asked her if we could trade directly, and...

No, but seriously, she said it was because it wasn't fair.
The literal point of giveaways is to give someone an item.
for free.

I never understand the logic behind that. Seriously.

She started saying that the spike wasn't fair for a fox hat. I told her that a plushie wasn't fair for a fox hat, either.

To scam...
They admitted to it!
Usually, the scammer might spout some stuff and then run away after they admit it, but this goes on for a LOT longer.

(also, for some reason they buddied me, lol)

They started saying they were gonna give it to their buddy. Then, they started saying "You could have let me have the fox hat".
Sounds like guilt tripping to me.
And, if you know me, I Absolutely HATE guilt tripping.

They left for a while.
Then, they came back. They said they gave it to them.

Way to be blunt.

They said they wouldn't come because they didn't know how to teleport.

Now, I got absolutely no pictures of this, but another one of their accounts went in and started saying it was true. I had to do something in the real world for a second (get my phone. I was being texted lol) and I said "Hold up for just a second" And they started oddly flipping out.

They left, then came back, and then lay down on the ground and started guilt tripping.

My least favorite.

If anyone is scared of this message when they get it, don't be alarmed. AJHQ Will never punish you for nothing.

Then their Main account """"Friend"""" went over and started picking on me.

I then said "At least I wasn't the scammer lol"
This kid started FLIPPING OUT. 
They thought I said I WAS a scammer.

Then, I said "I said I wasn't scamming lol" and they started to pick on me again before leaving.

I may live a boring life, but at least I don't scam people.

I got a video of this scam, too!!
My Camtasia trial ran out, so unfortunately I can't give you high-quality videos.
Just accept what I have, lol.

Thanks for reading! Be safe, jammers!!

-Agent Ladybug (My arm hurts, please help)

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