Friday, September 16, 2016

Scammer: Cuteghosts

Hey! It's Agent Ladybug here! As promised, I have a scammer that I caught today!
This one's scammer is cuteghosts. I honestly feel bad that they are a scammer... I REALLY like their username.
They were attempting the "If I accept you get ___" Scam.

After a couple trades, I decide to trade my orange long for their red short (which is an overtrade for them) and they declined.

(If you can't read, I said "that was over :P")
They started to act weird and then say this.

And, although I forgot to take a picture of this, I then said "IDK, you should probably accept an overtrade"
Then I said

(whoops, i spelled it wrong)
Then, they decided to do damage control and advertise their list.

Yep! That's about it.


It's so great to be back! Expect more posts soon!

-Agent Ladybug (I'm so happy my laptop is working again.)

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