Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Can't Catch Scackers Right Now...

Hey guys! Its agent Ladybug here. I'm sorry about the lack of scackers, but I have to say something.
So, I've been busy with school and such, but I have recently been able to find scackers since my schedule has loosened up.
However, just as I get this free time, my laptop breaks!!
I've been trying desperately to fix it, but for the time being, I will be unable to catch scackers and post them.
I'm typing this post on my mobile device, so I might make a few posts like that, but I can't catch people at all, unless I find out how to fix my computer, or I go on my school computer, which would also be a problem. My school computer doesnt let me go on my blogger account, since the school can block such terrible, awful crimes.
So, I'm REALLY sorry, but I can't catch anyone! I will definitely post once I can get back on.
So, until then, I'm sure some other agents will post. This was Agent Ladybug, thank you so much!!

-Agent Ladybug (SWEET MIRA it is hard to type on this thing)

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