Saturday, September 17, 2016

Scammer: Tigersrule399

Hey guys! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught doing the "magenta necklaces" scam. 

As we all should know, magenta necklaces are 100% fake. Every necklace to exist, except the rare version, are store bought and NOT rare.
I tried to Jam-a-Gram them saying that there wasn't such a thing in the game, but they weren't accepting Jam-a-Grams, so I called them out.

I started to tell them that it was just a joke someone made up that got out of hand when they started to play victim:

Then they left!


That is it! I might edit this post if I find another scammer. Thank you for reading!

-Agent Ladybug (Thank Mira the weekend is here)

1 comment:

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