Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scammer: omgitssnowy5 and sunflowerpetal8

Hello, frens! It's Agent Ladybug here with a scammer I caught today that was trying the "Giveaway" And the "If I accept you get ___" Scams! 
Note: This post will be fueled off of pictures that I got from the video, so the post is gonna have the quality of a 2010 video. Sorry :P


I went there, and they said it was not a scam.
They then refreshed and began to go afk for about a minute before they came back.
Then, the other person at the giveaway said this.

I sighed and traded them all of the unwanted rare item mondays I had, but they declined.

they said they would accept sometimes, and I decided to trade a few more items for it.
While I was setting up the trade, the other person said this.

Well, gee golly, I guess not!
I knew at this point that sunflower was their other account. I sighed, and with reluctance, I traded them everything from before, and I added an eyeball hat that I didn't need.

If you can see, they accepted.

I was locked out afterwards. I Jam-a-Grammed them saying I had pictures and a video and they started fabricating that their sister was in control. They also gave me a few items that weren't mine.

Obviously, that wasn't their sister, because they said "I told you I'd give back", which is not something that an innocent person would say.

That is the end of those scammers. Thank you for reading!


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