Sunday, March 6, 2016

Scammer: nyancat128

Hello Everyone!
Agent Californian back with another scammer.
Nyancat128 here has been caught with multiple scams. First, she was trying to get a person to let her "borrow" a item to try it on. I did not get much of that so sorry but after that scam did not work, she said to give her a spike or she will "TELL AJHQ" Of course no one gave her anything and she moved to a different area to scam. Please report and block her.

Above, here is proof of the scam. Nyancat128 is the bunny being unfortunately blocked by the snow leopard. Hope everyone blocks and reports her. I tried to scare her by saying I am part of the JSD but no dice. After that I tried to confront her but she went away before I could. 

Jammers hurt: Unknown

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