Sunday, March 6, 2016

A scammer: Demiisawesome(random numbers I don't know.)

Hi Everyone!
Today I will talk about Demiisawesome. There are random numbers after it but my friend forgot them. I will call her Demi. Anyway, Demi has scammed my friend artistbyheart01 of her beta wood floor. Apparently, Demi would trade artistbyheart01 rare nerd glasses for the wood floor. Artistbyheart01 traded the wood floor for a pillow which after that, Demi would trade the rare nerd glasses but then the traditional scamming way of unbuddying and locking the den happened. So in short, artistbyheart01 lost a wood floor and gained a pillow and "Demi" gained a beta floor and lost a pillow. Does Not seem very fair right? Anyway, since I can't produce  the full username, I will just give you guys the warning to not do any shady trades with anyone with demiisawesome in their name because she will probably scam you.

Jammers hurt: One confirmed, maybe more
                                                                                -Agent Californian

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