Monday, March 14, 2016

New agent. agent bubble

Hi guys. I am a new member named agent bubble.
My AJ username is bubbletardis7878
I do not have a picture of my player card becuz i have to take it with my phone and since my laptop is a chromebook i cant. but you  guys can look it up!
I am going to fight for AJ and my friend JA12ED who gets hacked praticallly every day
Me and JA12ED are friends in real life also becuse we go to the same school. Im 10 and almost in 5th grade!  I love baseball. Home team: Arizona Diamondbacks!!!!!! I am very caring and protecting and trustworthy.  I have autism and ADHD but that is not holding me back. (I am showing great progress)
I am getting bullied in school. But i am glad this week i am on spring break! #nobullies
I also like anime. My favorite is sailor moon.  I have been scammed once. And i lost my dessert table in the process. I hated it. Worst of all AJHQ did not send my item back. How rude. It was my beloved item but im too lazy to get a new one.  And I am friends with cotton sammy productions on animal jam! we are bffs after her live stream last night! i was in it! awesome sauce! first youtube video i am in! And launched a  campigain called AJ anti- hack organization. We all met in my friend emilees den.
Also sometimes i wont be able to post. On mondays i have to clean guinea piggy cage. Tuesday i cant. Girl scouts. and then other days will be possible.
So I am agent bubble.

See you!


  1. Welcome to the team!:)
    -Agent Californian

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