Monday, March 14, 2016

Hacker!!!! mighty squad.

Hello Jammers agent bubble here and today i know of a hacker who has been around for quite a while
There name is mighty squad. They claim to be Fman122 and Wretched Jungle. Now sorry agent violet if i violated posting rules. Sorry i cant show a player card as they have been banned. But now they are back!!!!
Ok here is their logo. Image result for mighty squad animal jam

They said they are back and i am freaking out since i have 3 rares!!!!! I think they hacked Aparri once and probally bepper or my favorite :wisteria moon. I think they are a group of 22 hackers.
They threaten on Youtube and just got their channel back. Their videos are creepy becuse they use very creepy voice changers.
Jammers harmed: a few possible.

This was agent bubble.


  1. Hi. How do you know they are back? They have hacked a lot of youtubers already. And you should have said they were a group of hackers. Also, if you run the voices through special programs, you can hear that they are a bunch of 12 year old British prep boys.

  2. well agent californian. I saw a youtube video from earlier this month and one from late febuary. They were apparently gonna be back on the first but i saw them and ran. also julian2 posted a video about them on youtube.

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