Sunday, March 1, 2015

tracking scammers #1

Hey jammers!
Today we are tracking the scacker groups.
Here is the list of the scamming groups.
Credits to agent lexey for making the list.
Thats all we have so far.
So right now we are searching in the jammers dens that are listed

Embo0's den
description: No items anywhere den is empty

Petalleafs den
Description: Lots of cherry trees and plants

Dsong's den
Decription: A lot of items, a lot of plushies, a few rares not much though 

buzzer321's den:
description: locked

Jessie7373's den
Description: Underwater den, very few items

Cubanboy's den
Description: a few candy things, a few banners, christmas bells, a few plaques

Now here is descriptions about each jammers animals, pets, awards and exc
animals: Monkey with fancy tophat on
Pets: 0
Achievements: 5

Animals: wolf, arctic wolf same items - gazelle horns, elf bracelets, spike and angel wings
Pets: 5
achievements: 10 +

Animals: penguin, wolf, rhino, horse, another penguin, giraffe and shark all wearing same items freedom hat and moon necklace
Pets: 8
Achievements: 10+

Animals: a lot of animals no rares on them
Pets: a lot of pets
Achievements: achievements 10+

animals: wolf and seal no items on
pets: 0
achievements: 10+

animals: a lot no items
Pets: a lot
Achievements: 10+

So this is all the info agent lexey and agent peace and I collected.
I don't think half of these scammers are even scammers because look at all that info.
Im gonna send this to all agents and see if they think these are scammers and whichever ones they think are scammers and not scammers than we know they have no group! 
So see ya later jammers!
- violet

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  1. I've seen videos of Emb0, jessie7373 and Cubanboy of them having teams or scamming. I heard about the rest from friends.


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