Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Scammer alert Visualeffects

Hello everyone its agent Kaitlyn and today I will be talking about a very famous scammer on animal jam who is known as Visualeffects. He used to be a member but I think that his membership expired so he probably scams a little bit less but I don't know. He has scammed many people in the past he used to go on animal jam every day and go to jamaa township and scam people he is very famous with scamming and he is bad. So whenm you get the chance make sure to report him so we can get rid of this bad jammer.


  1. Visual is actually just below firetigerx, and 3 above Cerise as best scam CATCHER

  2. It's
    1. Fire
    2. Visual
    3. 1Stlegocreator
    4. Myself
    5. Cerise

  3. I found out about this scammer online and I checked out their den and it was full of betas


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