Monday, March 9, 2015

Scammer Alert! + The Scammer BackUp

This Is Agent Peace Here.
I Found A Scammer Her Username Is Pewdiepie10018 And She Is A Member
Here's The Story: She Used A Friend To Tell Her That She Traded A Spike And That She Declined The Person Who Was A BackUp Is giaion9. Luckily Me, peacesignsarelife And nikkirocks10 And icicle0 And wolflady10190 All Knew It Was A SetUp.
Here Is A Friendly Reminder:
If You Have Been Scammed Or Hacked Before On Animal Jam
Just Because You Got Scammed Or Hacked On Animal Jam Doesn't Mean You Get Someone Back. Or If You Want To Fit In With The Cool Jammers Its Not Gonna Work.
People Have Worked So Hard For Their Items And You Just Want To Scam Them?!
Keep In Mind It's Not Right To Scam.
Have A Good Time And Remember,
Be A Jammer Not A Scammer!
~Agent Peace.

1 comment:

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