Saturday, October 11, 2014

X's possible new account

   Hey guys! I'm back with another post with information on X, one of the worse hackers in Animal Jam! Well, I was on a blog looking in the comments and I found   an interesting comment saying that X had a new account called doublevision. I wasn't sure if it was some kind of prank or not but I later searched up the user. He was online so I looked on his trade list and found this:

Look at all those glitched rings!!! This person has to be X or possibility working with him. I then followed him by trading him and it telapored me to where he was. It was at a den so I had to leave quickly before I was caught but lucky, I got a picture of the username:

After I locked my den, I searched up the user and she had nothing but betas on her trade:

She might be working with X as well because her animal was wearing a glitched ring!
Avoid these two, it will be a less chance getting hacked! I will be looking more into this and more info will be posted soon! 
Have a great day everyone! Happy jamming!!!
                    -Agent Rain

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