Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Insomniak, possible worker of X, has changed his user! Plus more

  Hello! I got some news for everyone today! Well, everyone knows I've been on X's case lately. One of his possible workers, Insomiak has changed his username for some reason!

See? The username wasn't typed wrong! Also, I have info about this same person. He has YouTube channels first:

Both of these channels are his! Also, remember that guy who asked doublevision if he was going to buy AJ items on X's Instigrim, something like that? Well that was Insomniak! Look: 

He had that banned channel!!!! Wow....
             - Rain

1 comment:

  1. Would you people stop with X. Emb0 is unbanned- stone swords are being generated and you focus on flipping X. People are making beta hoods. And X is not the colpurate. Not saying it's emb0 but there's a lot worse people out there than X


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