Saturday, October 8, 2016

Scammer: Milyrocks

Hey jammers! It's your favorite ladybug here, Agent Ladybug! I recently caught a scammer who was trying the "Gift/Trade me ___ And you win ___" scam.

Notice how they never specified whether to gift or trade it? Yeah. They had their diamond short spike and a bee on trade.

I couldn't get a picture of them actually saying it. I checked, and they still had the diamond one on their trade. I put two and two together and guessed they were just misinformed about it... either that or they were just trying to trick people.
They said this:

I do...Why?
I then told them about the spike:

They said "I like purple, blue is fine" Which is LESS Fair.

They thought about it for a bit, then one of the people there agreed with me.

Then they tried to scam me again by asking for the blue spike, even after I specifically stated that NO rare spike is even close to fair for it.

They left afterwards. Report them for scamming!


Thanks for reading! Stay safe, jammers!!


1 comment:

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