Thursday, October 13, 2016

Scammer: Jammer234d18

Hey folks! Agent Ladybug here with a scammer that was trying the trust trade scam.
Before we begin, lemme say to forgive me if this one isn't as fun to read. OH BOY, did this one make me angry.
This one began with this jammer asking for spikes in Township. After going there, they asked me if i would accept a few cat ears and a worn for my blue long collar. After I said no, they even went as far as to BEG me to accept it for their old membership account. After I said no, they began guilt tripping and I eventually saw myself out.
I went back to Township, and I was sitting there, when they start trying to scam.

Now, since I had a history with them, I decided that the best decision would be to go to my other account and try to get them there. I asked them to show the spikes, and they asked if I had any. I said yes, then they told me to go to my den.

Once I was there, they asked me to put them on trade. I hastily went to my main account, and got my pink short set, before going back to their den and putting it on trade.
They said something, but I didn't catch it, so I asked them to repeat it, and they refused.

They said this, and I knew it was gonna be GOOD.
So, they told me to trade them for the cat ears, then they would give back.

I asked them why, since there was absolutely no point, when they said it was just for fun.

Now, here, they said "If I don't, I will give you everything"... Or something like that. I don't really remember. I questioned the logic of this, then this happened.

Okay, I have NOTHING else to show. I told them to show the spikes, and they REFUSED, saying it was a surprise. We bickered for so long... It was MADDENING. We got pretty heated. In fact, the only reason we DID stop was because my godforsaken internet made my game crash, and when I could get back online, they went offline. I sent them a few Jam-a-Grams, telling them to go to my den (I would have told them I had video AND pictures, but the Non-member Jam-a-Grams are restrictive.)
So... That's about it. I have a video to show, and It has a bunch of fun times in it. 

Anyways... That's it! Thanks for reading! Stay safe, folks!

-Agent Ladybug (I am not in a good mood...)


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