Friday, February 27, 2015

Scamming is starting to get really out of control

Hey everyone it is agent Kaitlyn here and today I am going to be talking to you about how out of control scamming in animal jam has gotten. If you have noticed lately almost anywhere you go in animal jam you will see someone scamming other jammers. Now I don't know why scamming is such a bad problem in animal jam because animal jam is supposed to be a kids game not a stealing game so why does AJHQ allow all of this? Why have they not gotten rid of scamming well you see if they were to get rid of scamming they would have to get rid of trading and sending gifts which would ruin the fun for the people who don't scam. Sadly there is not much animal jam can do but kick the people who scam off of animal jam or suspend them depending on how bad the situation.

Scamming has been a problem in Jamaa for a long time and it is getting worse every day with new teams made just for scamming, new methods that work really well and take away innocent kid's stuff that did not deserve to be scammed, and so many more things that make scamming bad. Now here is how we can help with this problem we can contact animal jam and they can take more control but a bad thing that might happen is that they could in the worst scenario take away the trade system or make it more strict and they could get rid of gifting which would make animal jam less fun.

Another thing we could possibly do is work together and report anything that looks like scamming. There are so many things we could do but it is going to be hard and it is going to take time to get rid of this problem but I think that if we all work together as jammers and put our heads together we can put an end to this terrible problem in animal jam and restore the game to being a fun safe game for kids to play.
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