Monday, February 2, 2015


Hey jammers its Agent Kaitlyn. The image you see above is a very bad hacker on animal jam. His name is fman he has many accounts across jamaa. I have met him a few times he hacked my friends. What he does is he sends you a jam-a-gram inside of it is a necklace. whatever you do don't open it. Doing so will result in your game glitching and then you loose all of your stuff. He mostly attacks members occasionally he will strike on a non member. To avoid being hacked by him do the following. If you see a wolf that looks like him make sure it is really him many people try to do trolls pretending to be him. If it really is him do this. REPORT, BLOCK, AND LOCK. Which means report him a few times. Block him. And go to your locked den. Don't try to mess with him that is how many jammers get hacked. Just leave him alone and let AJHQ deal with him he is more powerful then you think.

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  1. I hope he is stopped for good soon. He keeps coming back a lot!


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